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Earlier this week, we published a story on the long reach of the 12th Man and how the Seahawks draw from a diverse fan base that reaches into Canada, Alaska, Oregon, Idaho and Montana. We asked Seahawks fans where they’re from and to briefly tell us their story. Here are some of the highlights:

Born and raised in Seattle and a UW grad living in Australia. Watching the Seahawks games online or on cable when they are shown here, makes me feel right at home.

– Jill Hammond, Hobart, Tasmania

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Chignik Lagoon, Alaska, is a very small community of about 65 people. About 25 of us are Seahawks fans. On game day you will see everyone going around town sporting their Hawks jerseys. A few of us even have our boats sporting the Hawks’ flags and logos.

– Henry Erickson, Chignik Lagoon, Alaska

I have been a die-hard Hawks fan since 1976, Day 1. I am retired Navy and currently working on an island in the Indian Ocean called Diego Garcia B.I.O.T — good luck finding on a map. But I graduated from Federal Way HS.

– Jack Frick, B.I.O.T., Diego Garcia

I grew up in Redmond and did 25 years in the military. I now own the Phone Booth Lounge in Kettering, Ohio. Die-hard Seattle sports fan. My customers at my bar snarl over my Seahawks banner on the wall. They ask me, “Why would you hang that up?” I tell them, “When you buy your own bar, you can hang up any banner you choose!”

– Jack Wilderman, Kettering, Ohio

I grew up in a small, isolated mountain town in North Idaho. I didn’t get to watch many Seahawks games. I was usually outside turning the antenna while my dad yelled directions. It brings back so many memories that I’ve erected an unattached antenna outside my house so I can make my kids stand out there twisting a useless metal pole while I scream unintelligible directions.

– Darrel Beehner, Murray, Idaho

I am a native of upstate New York (Albany), but now live in Pune, India. My identity as a fan was born essentially as a quirky act of rebellion against my father when I was 9. He was a die-hard Giants fan, and that was the year they won the Super Bowl for the first time (’86). They had only lost to the Cowboys and the Seahawks.

I asked him the night of the Super Bowl how the below-.500 Seahawks managed to pull off an upset against the dominant Giants. “The fans are crazy,” he said, “and the Kingdome is the loudest stadium in the league.”

That was pretty much it for me.

– Christopher Neidl, Pune, Maharashtra, India

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