Danny O'Neil's NFL power rankings Last week's rankings in parentheses Team Comment 1. Houston (1) Leg up? Arian Foster on pace to rush the...

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Danny O’Neil’s NFL power rankings
Last week’s rankings in parentheses
Team Comment
1. Houston (1) Leg up? Arian Foster on pace to rush the ball an NFL-record 422 times.
2. San Francisco (3) 49ers have outscored their past two opponents 79-3.
3. Atlanta (2) High five: Falcons are 5-0 for the first time in franchise history.
4. Baltimore (4) Six quarters and counting since the Ravens allowed a touchdown.
5. Chicago (12) Bears’ D has scored as many TDs off interceptions as it has allowed passing, five apiece.
6. New England (7) Pats’ 76 points over past 6 quarters more than Cowboys, Raiders and Jags have all season.
7. Minnesota (13) It’s so very disappointing that Minny has no Cooper on its roster.
8. Arizona (8) Tag him and bag him: Kevin Kolb sacked 17 times in the past eight quarters of play.
9. Philadelphia (5) Michael Vick might require surgery to remove the butter from his fingers.
10. N.Y. Giants (10) Giants’ defense excels in fire safety with (Justin) Tuck and (Antrel) Rolle.
11. Green Bay (6) Where’s the replacement ref when you need him to blame for a loss?
12. Seattle (14) You’ll have a devil of a time running against Seahawks, who allow 66.6 yards rushing.
13. Cincinnati (11) Deep thoughts: A.J. Green’s four TD catches are tied for third-most in the league.
14. San Diego (9) Mediocrity thy name is Norv Turner.
15. Denver (15) Broncos have been outscored 74-42 in the first half this season.
16. St. Louis (17) Secondary importance: Rams haven’t allowed a passing TD in past three games.
17. Dallas (18) Cowboys just assumed Giants’ Sergio Romo would blow that playoff game, but he didn’t.
18. Washington (16) Sorry, city is taking a Nationals holiday from another debacle of a football season.
19. Indianapolis (27) Colts’ next five opponents: Jets, Browns, Titans, Dolphins, Jags, who are collectively 7-19.
20. Miami (23) A fortune-teller could read Dolphins’ offense since Brian Hartline is team’s top receiver.
21. Tennessee (26) Matt Hasselbeck beat Ben Roethlisberger Thursday, which was only seven years too late.
22. Pittsburgh (19) Steelers have age-appropriate color scheme: Black and Ol’ Yeller.
23. N.Y. Jets (20) Thought the Jets hit rock bottom? Nope. Pro wrestler John Cena honorary captain Sunday.
24. Detroit (21) A joke that writes itself. Ndamukong Suh getting sued by the Packers, Gregory and Laura.
25. Tampa Bay (24) Greg Schiano’s team played to final whistle again last week, dominating its bye.
26. New Orleans (31) Wow. Never saw Roger Goodell’s rubber-stamped re-issuing of that punishment coming.
27. Oakland (25) Road-ent control: Raiders outscored 72-19 in their two away games this season.
28. Buffalo (22) A Bill fold? Buffalo has allowed 90 points its past six quarters.
29. Carolina (29) Kitty litter: Panthers have scored fewer than 15 points in three of five games this year.
30. Kansas City (28) Chiefs Romeo Crennel can appear out of his depth at times, but never out of his width.
31. Jacksonville (30) Jags and Chiefs area the only teams in the league without a first-quarter touchdown.
32. Cleveland (32) Eleven consecutive regular-season losses, but who’s counting.
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