The agent for Seahawks' strong safety Kam Chancellor told ESPN Wednesday that nothing has changed after almost three weeks of Chancellor's holdout and that he won't report "without his contract being addressed this season.''

Wednesday marked the 20th day for the holdout of Seahawks strong safety Kam Chancellor.

For the first time there was an on-the-record comment from Chancellor’s side — and it doesn’t appear things will change soon.

In a Tweet from ESPN’s Josina Anderson, Chancellor’s agent, Alvin Keels, was reported as saying: “Nothing has changed. He will not report without his contract being addressed this season. The team and I have been in contact, but we haven’t been able to agree on any compromise.”

That jibes with what Seahawks coach Pete Carroll said this week. Asked Monday if there was any update on Chancellor, Carroll said: “Our conversations continue. Nothing has changed, but we’re in communication regularly.”

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Asked a follow-up question if he is surprised how long the holdout had lasted, Carroll shook his head and said: “I think knowing Kam and knowing how strong-minded he is, I think he’s made that statement. He’s really got a thought here that he is holding on to. We’ll see how it goes.”

Chancellor can be fined up to $30,000 for every camp day missed, and the team can recoup some of his $1 million signing bonus. He can be fined up to $850,000, though fines are at team discretion.

Keels’ statement seems to lend credence to the thought around the team that there doesn’t appear to be any easy resolution in sight.

Chancellor wants something done to his contract, but the Seahawks don’t want to set a precedent by redoing a deal with more than a year remaining.

Chancellor’s contract runs through the 2017 season and is due to pay him $4.55 million this season. However, he has received all of the $17 million that was guaranteed in the deal, which he signed in April 2013.

Anderson reported earlier that sources told her Chancellor wants at least “the majority” of the $9.65 million in base salaries for the next two seasons guaranteed.

That would prevent the scenario of Chancellor being left with no more money if the team were to cut him anytime soon — his contract calls for increases in salary-cap numbers to $6.1 million in 2016 and $8.1 million in 2017.

Chancellor has seen the Seahawks cut players such as Red Bryant and Chris Clemons before the final years of their contracts when the cap numbers increased.

The Seahawks likely will start Dion Bailey at strong safety in their second preseason game Friday night at Kansas City.