Seahawks mailbag: The offensive line, Christine Michael, Kevin Williams and more

Questions about Christine Michael, the defensive line and Chris Matthews in this edition of the Seahawks mailbag.

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Interior Secretary opposes name of Washington team

The National Park Service won’t grant the District of Columbia a new lease for the site of the Washington NFL team’s old stadium in part because Interior Secretary Sally Jewell opposes the team’s name.

Pom-pom pay: California bill gives cheerleaders minimum wage

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — They boost their teams from the sidelines and promote them by appearing in calendars and at fan events, but some sports cheerleaders say they are still not considered team employees and are paid what amounts to less than minimum wage. California legislation believed to be the first of its kind in...

Athletes adjusting to cameras watching their every move

For athletes across all sports, the primary focus of sports as entertainment has shifted from the thousands of fans watching in person to the millions of fans watching elsewhere — at home, in bars or on their various devices. The camera is always watching and athletes see their privacy being whittled away.

Seahawks’ Jimmy Graham shows off ‘work suit’ for the first time

It's quite likely Seahawks fans have been dealing with the Super Bowl loss by playing Jimmy Graham highlight videos on repeat since the team acquired the three-time Pro Bowl tight end in March. If that's the case, this photo -- tweeted by Graham on Monday -- might make those daydreams a little bit more vivid,...

Russell Wilson set for ESPN interview Monday night

Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson will be featured on ESPN's SportsCenter Monday night in a sitdown interview. The show begins at 8 p.m. Seattle time, though the interview will likely come sometime later during the one-hour telecast, which begins after the Baltimore-Texas baseball game. Wilson's contract is the obvious hot topic that could be addressed, though...