Tax return? Don't leave home without it. Ex-center fielder Willie Mays Hayes — OK, actor Wesley Snipes — has been released from...

Tax return? Don’t leave home without it.

Ex-center fielder Willie Mays Hayes — OK, actor Wesley Snipes — has been released from prison after serving 28 months for failing to file with the IRS, TMZ reported on April 5.

“Let this be a reminder,” TMZ added. “You’ve got 10 days left, people!”


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• At “Tom Brady cuts Danny Amendola’s hair to look just like Wes Welker’s.”

• At “Louisville wins one for the gimper.”

Cruel and unusual

Fans wearing signs and T-shirts lampooning the skinflint Marlins were ejected from Florida’s home opener Monday, but they actually got off easy.

Do it again, they were warned, and we’ll make you stay and watch all nine innings.

Sports quiz

“One Shining Moment” in April sports lexicon refers to:

a) CBS’s video review of the NCAA basketball tournament.

b) That day the Astros were actually above .500.

Kick me

“All these baseball scores Sunday — N.Y. wins 7-0, Cleveland wins 13-0, Boston wins 13-0, St. Louis wins 14-3,” wrote Janice Hough of “Did someone start the NFL preseason early and not tell me?”


on the play

So what if North Carolina lawmakers want to anoint an official state religion?

“There’s precedent,” noted comedian Argus Hamilton. “Last year Texas upheld the execution of three housewives who walked in front of the TV set during a football game.”

Stat of the Week

“Lakers center Dwight Howard has missed more free throws this season than Steve Nash has missed in his 17-year career,” noted Gregg Drinnan of the Kamloops (B.C.) Daily News. “Think about that for a moment or two.”

Talking the talk

• Ryan Wilson of, on the Unitas family flap over Ravens QB Joe Flacco portraying Johnny U in an upcoming movie: “This never would’ve happened if Kyle Boller were still the starter.”

• CBS’s David Letterman, on the 3-D remake of “Jurassic Park”: “Honestly, if I want to watch dinosaurs run around, I’ll just go to a Yankees game.”

Brace yourself

Sales of Robert Griffin III’s No. 10 Redskins jerseys broke a one-year sales record for such items, reported.

And if you think that’s impressive, just wait’ll they roll out their new line of RG3 signature knee braces.

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