Scientists believe they're on the verge of bringing extinct species back to life. Just imagine conjuring up: • a dinosaur or a dodo...

Scientists believe they’re on the verge of bringing extinct species back to life.

Just imagine conjuring up:

• a dinosaur or a dodo bird;

• a complete-game pitcher or a multiyear Kentucky basketball player;

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• an NFL free agent who doesn’t consider $2 million on his Form 1040 “insulting.”

Sports quiz

“Debridement” is the technical term for the procedure about to be performed on NBA player:

a) Amar’e Stoudemire

b) Kris Humphries

Bowling for dollars

A 1,000-year-old bowl purchased for $3 at a yard sale in 2007 sold for $2.2 million in a New York auction.

Giddy collectors immediately declared it the Russell Wilson of antiques.

Distractions 1, GNP 0

“Between March Madness, Facebook and Twitter,” noted ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel, “they say the average worker will work a total of 12 minutes over the next three weeks.”

Break a 10?

“If you didn’t fill out a bracket, it’s too late,” said ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel, “although you could still throw your $10 in the garbage disposal and run it.”

700 clubbing

North Carolina’s Roy Williams joined a rare coaching club with his 700th career basketball win Friday.

But what, no postgame phone call from Pat Robertson?

Brewers 1, Mets 0

“A New Yorker is selling an ultra-strong coffee called Death Wish, which carries the warning ‘many sleepless nights,’ ” noted RJ Currie of “Hey, it’s cheaper than Mets tickets.”

Talko time

• Brad Dickson of the Omaha (Neb.) World-Herald, after a hockey player celebrated a winning goal during the Missouri state tournament by throwing his stick into the crowd: “I’m just glad he wasn’t a bowler.”

• CBS’s Craig Ferguson, on the NCAA tournament: “I love the name March Madness. I’m glad the PC police haven’t made us change March Madness to ‘early spring psychosis.’ “, from its list of worst NCAA pickup lines: “What do you say we make like Pitt and get out of here?”

• Times reader Bill Littlejohn, on Giants manager Bruce Bochy breaking the news to his son over dinner that he was being sent to the minors: “I hear they were having prime cut.”

Paging Red Klotz

San Marino’s losing streak reached 51 games after an 8-0 shellacking from England last week in a World Cup qualifying match.

“San Marino soccer,” in case you’re wondering, is Italian for “Washington Generals.”

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