Sideline Chatter

Don’t look for Pete Rose to appear in any Mariners promotional ads anytime soon.

As baseball’s banished hit king told ESPN Radio after rapping agent Jay Z helped land Robinson Cano a 10-year, $240 million contract with Seattle: “He got him a big raise, but he got him an extra 30-day vacation — and it’s called October.”


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• At “Jason White, Eric Crouch and Gino Torretta assigned to Heisman dinner table in the corner again.”

• At “Scientists believe hockey players may communicate by banging sticks against boards.”

Ironhead Mike

Mike Tyson still can’t fathom why he’s been banned from England since 1992.

“I’m just trying to live the life,” the ex-champ told the Mirror of London, “and all anyone can ever say to me (is) I raped some woman and I bit somebody’s ear off a thousand years ago.”

Capital offense

Now there’s a theory afloat that Mike Shanahan hopes to stay on as Redskins coach in 2014 — with Kirk Cousins as his starting QB.

“As ridiculous as that sounds given the current atmosphere in D.C.,” wrote Mike Florio of, “ stranger things have happened.

“This week.”

Out of bounds

Tiger Woods’ half-brother, Earl Woods Jr., has been charged with calling in a false bomb threat at his work.

Or as it’s known in golfing circles, a bad lie.

Some playmate

A group of boys knocked on the door of Kings guard Jimmer Fredette and invited their neighbor to come out and shoot some hoops with them. Fredette, admiring their gumption, obliged them for a good hour.

“It’s just really cool to meet somebody … that you don’t have to pay,” one of the kids told Sacramento’s KXTV. “You just ask them to come over.”

Talko time

• Blogger Chad Picasner, on the Texas Rangers’ bad timing in selecting Seahawks QB Russell Wilson in the Rule 5 draft: “Just before MLB announces that home-plate collisions are no longer allowed, they went out and drafted a football player.”

• Reader M.F., to, after ESPN asked its broadcasters to strike the word “sucks” from their vocabulary: “OK, if we can’t say ‘sucks’ on the air — give me another word to describe the Knicks.”

Name game

England’s Southampton soccer team features a midfielder by the name of Jack Cork.

But shouldn’t he be their stopper?

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