Letters to The Seattle Times sports editor

UW basketball

Why the snub for the Huskies?

This is not an attempt to excuse the Huskies from their miserable performance in the two games against UCLA and Oregon State. However, I’m disgusted with the NCAA and their tournament selections. Please explain how teams from the five other major conferences end up with 18 of the 20 top seedings in the NCAA brackets, and yet the Pac-12 champion is not even one of the top 68 teams in the nation.

What a complete snub for the Pac-12.

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— Gary Dunn, Woodinville

Not even close to Kentucky

During Washington’s game against Texas-Arlington, a commentator announced that Washington is the Kentucky of the West. We recruit kids that want to play an NBA kind of game. We get kids that can come play a year and move on to the NBA.

Well, we may think that but there is not one player ready to play at the next level on this team — in a year or two, maybe. Terrence Ross is the closest, but he could use another year. Tony Wroten Jr. — no way! He plays defense half of the time (well, maybe that’s NBA ready), but he can’t shoot if his life depended on it.

There’s no comparison to Kentucky, which is a No. 1 seed in the NCAA men’s tournament this year, went to the Final Four last year, and the Elite Eight before that under coach John Calipari.

— Rick Nichols, Seattle

Cal senior over Husky sophomore

It is true Terrence Ross is a great sophomore talent, but I applaud Jorge Gutierrez as Pac-12 Player of the Year. He is a senior, he stayed and played his entire college career, and he earned and deserves all of the recognition.


— Shirley Gallotte, Normandy Park

Seattle U

Jeers for lack of coverage

For those of you who may not have noticed, Seattle University plays basketball. Both the men and women did quite well this season. In reading The Seattle Times Sports section and watching the news on local TV channels, however, one wouldn’t know that. The coverage of SU basketball is a bit pathetic.

If you look back at basketball in Seattle since 1950, Seattle University doesn’t take a back seat to either the Huskies or the Sonics. The great program was unfortunately scuttled years ago, but now they are trying to get back to where they were. Many of us feel they have made great strides in the past three years, hiring Cameron Dollar and Joan Bonvicini.

So why the skimpy coverage? They are coming back fast and soon will be right up there with other major universities. How about a bit more support for Seattle University?

— Tony Zimmerman, Seattle

Pac-12 basketball

Sky-high over league expansion

The Pac-10 expanded to the Pac-12 because of money and competitiveness for football, and it paid off with a new TV contract.

Here’s the rub: The league went from primarily a sea-level affair to one with two high-elevation cities. The science and kinesiology of the advantage of oxygen-processing for athletes is incontestable.

Colorado, which won the Pac-12 tournament at sea level, was 7-1 at home during the regular season. Boulder’s elevation is 5,430 feet. The only nonconference squads performing up to par there were teams from high-altitude cities like Colorado Springs, Fort Collins, Colo., and Laramie, Wyo.

I suggest the Pac-12 stock up on chlorophyll.

— Starms Washington, Seattle

Seattle Arena

Don’t hold your breath

Just like the other serious sports fans in Seattle, I celebrated when the proposal that could bring two new sports franchises to Seattle, along with a new arena, was announced.

But let’s get real for a moment.

The relocation of an NBA franchise and the relocation of an NHL franchise are both relatively rare events. The construction of a nearly $500 million dollar arena with no government money at risk is also a relatively rare event. The statistical odds of three relatively rare events intersecting at a given point (in this case, Seattle), and at the same time, is infinitesimally small.

In other words, don’t hold your breath.

— Raymond S. Wilson, Bellevue

All-Star games

All-star games nothing stellar

Is it me, or do players not care about the NBA and NFL all-star games any more? I say it’s time we do away with them!

— Tony Snorteland, Poulsbo

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