How's this for a pit crew? Three members of the Krause family — father Rick "Pellet Gun" Krause and sons Matt Krause and Brian "Young...

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How’s this for a pit crew?

Three members of the Krause family — father Rick “Pellet Gun” Krause and sons Matt Krause and Brian “Young Gun” Krause — finished 2-3-5 at the 39th annual International Cherry Pit-Spitting Championship at Tree-Mendus Fruit Farm outside Eau Claire, Mich.

Ronn Matt, 46, of Chicago won it by spitting a pit 69 feet, well short of Young Gun’s record 93-6 ½ volley in 2003.

Cue the

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laugh track

The Comic Con convention begins Thursday in San Diego.

The Padres, fortunately, are out of town this weekend.


Mrs. Lincoln

Half the Red Sox are on the disabled list, the team lost 3 of 4 to the hated Yanks at Fenway, and Kevin Youkilis has been ripping it up for the White Sox ever since Boston exiled him to Chicago.

But other than that, Bobby Valentine, how was your weekend?

No stopping

this car

The odometer on Long Islander Irvin Gordon’s car — a 1966 P1800S — is about to reach the 3 million-mile mark.

Just think of it as the Jamie Moyer of Volvos.

High on the Hogwarts

Five teams from Britain, the U.S., Canada, France and Australia took part in a quidditch tournament in Oxford this week as the Olympic torch was passing through the city.

“Most people who play are nerds,” organizer Alex Benepe told Reuters, “but we have a lot of jocks or athletes playing this sport as well, some of whom have never even read the Harry Potter books … There are a lot more ridiculous sports in the Olympics than quidditch.”

Vicious cycle

French cyclist Remy Di Gregorio got nabbed in a doping bust?

Guess Tour de France schedule-makers weren’t kidding when they said Tuesday was going to be arrest day.

Quote marks

• Robert Cox of the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, after NASCAR driver Kevin Harvick became a father on Sunday: “No word yet on whether Keelan’s first Big Wheel will have a restrictor plate or if Harvick’s pit crew changes diapers.”

• Greg Cote of The Miami Herald, on the Tour de France: “Winner used to be first one to pass the finish line. Now it’s first one to pass a urine test.”

• Times reader Bill Littlejohn, after Andy Murray couldn’t break England’s 76-year victory hex in men’s singles at Wimbledon: “So, back in 1936, did someone bring a billy goat to Centre Court?”

Grasping at straws

The Yankees have indefinitely barred Reggie Jackson from team events for his disparaging comments about performance-enhancing drug use by Alex Rodriguez and others.

Guess you could say he’s now the straw that broke the camel’s back.

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