Photo of Dominque Dawes by Tiffany Campbell /

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Photo of Dominque Dawes by Tiffany Campbell /

Yahoo! Sports has set up an interactive studio for Olympic fans in Vancouver’s Yaletown neighborhood.

The venue, located at 1128 Hamilton St., is a place where anyone in the city can stop in to play video games, catch live tapings of Olympic game roundups and even spot former Olympic athletes.

Tiffany Campbell and I were given a tour by retired gymnast and three-time Olympian Dominique Dawes earlier this week.

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The opportunity to catch a glimpse of Dawes and Canadian figure skater Elvis Stojko, among other athletes, is one of the main draws to Fancouver. Many former Olympians act as analysts and tape Winter Games roundups in the space, which the public is welcome to view.

The other standout feature of the studio is interactivity. For example, I was given a card in the shape of an iPhone that, when held up to a mirror, acted as a controller to a snowboarding video game. There are also several Wii consoles set up where you can test your ski jumping skills or enter a daily competition.

You can also pick up flags, sleds and snowboards and pose for the camera in front of a few photo backdrops. Two photos are printed — one for you and one to stay on display at Fancouver — and your shot is also uploaded to a Flickr site.

It’s obvious that the studio aims to get visitors to check out Yahoo!’s online Olympic coverage, whether through a mobile device or computer, but it is also a place to watch the games and grab some personal memorabilia.

Watch Dawes explain Fancouver’s features in the video below.

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