Way to go, Seattle.

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Way to go, Seattle.

You either loved NBC’s interminably delayed coverage of the Olympic Opening Ceremony — or you wanted to see it so badly you were willing to wait for all those knee-slapping one-liners from Matt Lauer.

Just-released numbers show the Seattle area as the number one metered market for the ceremony, which NBC delayed, like most of its other Olympic coverage, to the West Coast of the U.S. by three hours.

Total viewership was about 67.5 million, which is 17 million more than Torino in 2006 and nearly 6 million more than the previous Winter Games record, the Tonya-Nancy-fueled Lillehammer Games in 1994.

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Overall, NBC’s coverage drew a national rating of 17.3 and a share of 30, meaning 17.3 percent of televisions in the market were tuned in to the Olympics, and 30 percent of the people actually watching TV at the time were tuned in to the Olympics.

But some markets, including Seattle, did significantly better. Here’s the list from NBC, the numbers representing rating/share:

1. Seattle, 25.9/47
2. Milwaukee, 25.8/43
3. Denver, 25.4/44
4. St. Louis, 23.7/40
5. West Palm Beach, 23.3/35
6. Cleveland, 23.1/38
7. Salt Lake City, 22.3/39
8. Columbus, 21.8/37
9. Ft. Myers, 21.4/ 34
10. Detroit, 21.1/34
11. Portland, 21.1/39
12. Providence, 21.0/36
T13. Richmond, 20.9/33
T13. Baltimore, 20.9/32
15. Sacramento, 20.6/38
16. San Francisco, 20.3/39
T17. Boston, 20.2/36

The show was the “most-watched Opening Ceremony ever for a non-U.S. Winter Olympics,” according to NBC.

And here, for you true ratings fanatics, are the ratings by time zone:

Mountain Time Zone 21.2/36
Pacific Time Zone 19.8/36
Eastern Time Zone 18.9/31
Central Time Zone 18.6/30

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