Submitted by Jim Jeffreys and Suna Gurol

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Submitted by Jim Jeffreys and Suna Gurol

We weren’t sure if Canada had any big variations on sports arena food. For example, would they have Canada’s favorite artery-clogging snack, poutine?

UBC Thunderbird Place: The options at the two concession stands at UBC seemed pretty much the same as anywhere in the states – hot dogs, chili and some deli sandwich options.

We tried the hot dogs, pretzel and grilled veggie sandwich. The hot dog was meaty, but too water-logged. The pretzel had that classic stale, soft pretzel feel. The grilled veggie sandwich, which in my mind’s-eye I imagined as a hot dish, was cold. However, the blend of mushrooms, peppers and cheese was pretty tasty. The Molsen’s Golden on tap wasn’t too shabby either.

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Overall rating: 2.5 Hockey Pucks out of 5.

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