Submitted by Reed Baker

Most underappreciated moment of the Olympics: Watching and listening to the crowd as their fellow countrymen win a gold medal.

Worst waste of time: Waiting in line to get into the Hudson Bay Co. department store to buy Olympic apparel.

Thing I wish I would’ve known before waiting in line at “The Bay”: You don’t have to wait in that line to buy U.S.A. team items — you can proceed directly to floor 5 of the Hudson Bay Co. store. Or you can buy the same items for team U.S.A. as well as general Olympic apparel at event venues.

Worst case of robbery without an actual weapon: Ralph Lauren, the official outfitter of the U.S.A. Olympic Team, charges $350 for a team U.S.A. down vest (that didn’t include $300 in the pocket). All other team U.S.A. apparel prices were equally ridiculous.

Greatest thing to be a part of: Chanting “U…S…A! U…S…A! U…S…A!” while the Norwegians and Canadians yelled “Go…Norway!” at the U.S. vs. Norway men’s hockey game.

Best Norwegian athlete name: Tore Vikingstad (Seriously, can you get more Norwegian than having “Viking” in your last name?)

Thing I wish that Seattle had: The Sky Train — Vancouver’s elevated train is awesome.

Best non-competition moment: The volunteers at Cypress Mountain went above and beyond their responsibilities to help keep my family warm and dry, giving us a chance to enjoy the games despite the bad weather.