"Has anybody noticed that the only person in this whole Sonics mess to get fined was the one person who told the truth and said they never...

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“Has anybody noticed that the only person in this whole Sonics mess to get fined was the one person who told the truth and said they never intended for the team to stay here? Does that strike anybody besides us as a very sad statement about the direction this country is going?”

— David & Patty Tucker, Kirkland

“David Stern is so shortsighted. I can’t begin to say how disappointed, upset and disturbed I am that he does not care about the fans of Seattle that have supported his product for 41 years. He is killing the NBA.”

— Steve, Seattle

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“This situation needs a ‘principled conversation,’ the kind that Clay Bennett says needs to happen with the city of Seattle. You know, the kind that took place a year ago when his good ol’ boy buddies e-mailed him with their 10 gallon congratulations, and he responded by assuring them that he was ‘a man possessed.’ Oh, wait, he claims he was talkin’ about keeping the team in Seattle and not poaching it to OK City. ‘Mama never told me there was such a thing as a principled liar.’ “

— Scott, Mount Vernon

“Sorry, Seattle, I hope this isn’t the end. The Northwest will not be the same without the Sonics. I hope the Blazers thrash Bennett’s team when we play them. I know if the NBA fans had a vote, the Sonics would be staying. This just can’t be right. Everyone should cherish their teams more because the next moment they could be gone with a couple bad seasons and an owner that doesn’t want to stay with the city he purchased the team from. NBA fans beware, because this can happen to anyone.”

— Blazer Fan, Portland

“Sooner or later, the taxpayers of Oklahoma City will start adding up their new tax bills and realize they got snookered. When that happens, the owners will rerun the scam, this time threatening to move the team to an even smaller city if they don’t get their way.”

— Veritus Maxims, Bainbridge Island

“I am a Sonics fan of 38 years. I am greatly saddened by this day. I have a lump in my throat, and it feels like someone just punched me in the gut. We have plenty of people to blame — Schultz, spineless leaders of Gregoire, Nickels, Sims and Chopp, the avid liar Clay Bennett and the self-serving Stern.

“We ourselves also may have played a role with voting for I-91 (for those of you who voted yes). No hard feelings to the people of Oklahoma. I know quite a few people from Oklahoma. They are all nice people. It’s unfortunate they have Clay as their hero.”

— S-man, Kirkland

“Collusion! It’s all about the money men protecting their own. (Lying doesn’t matter, apparently.) But let’s get this thing to court and see what happens. I’ve been a fan since the ’60s, and this just makes me sick at heart.”

— Amey, Bellingham

“I felt like someone cut out my heart today! Is my city this bad? We are not good enough to have the NBA here after 40 years together.”

— Charles Smither, Seattle

“I’ve been to OK City. It’s a nice place to visit, but, well, you know the rest. I’m sure the Sonics will love it there — way more than Seattle. To the residents of the new NBA franchise town: Talk to us in 10 years when your traffic overruns your small town and the money-hungry owners come back to the trough for another handout. I certainly hope you don’t see this $150 million as a wise investment.”

— Na Na Hey Hey Hey, Eastside

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