" Can we all take solace in the fact that we don't have to take the awful Kings franchise? They are terrible. " Ryan Berry @The_RyanJBerry...

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” Can we all take solace in the fact that we don’t have to take the awful Kings franchise? They are terrible.”

Ryan Berry @The_RyanJBerry

” I share the disappointment of Sonics fans about today’s vote. But we are in this for the long haul. #sonicsarena.”

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Mayor McGinn @mayormcginn

” Feeling terrible for all of you lifelong Sonics fans and those of us who are parents of young NBA fans. Tough day.”

mitch levy @kjrmitch

” Flirting with the crazy ex never works out. She’s only talking to you to make her current boyfriend concerned #nba #Sonics #seattle.”

J @JasonDiesel205

” Hoping in light of today’s news that this was just a blessing in disguise and we can get an expansion team in near future. #Sonics.”

Sean Webster @SeanWebster13

” Got accepted into National Honor Society. (Would rather have the Sonics back).”

Jack @W44

” Watching David Stern today — you could just see/feel/hear that he’s a bad actor in all this. #sonics.”

David Curry @DavidgCurry

” How can the legacy of the kings be a reason not 2 move, sonics had 40 years and a title.”

Josh Grimm @grimmbiscuit

” The NBA is full of a bunch of hypocrites. Just give me my Sonics back.”

Maya Zwang @MZwangsta

” Although I still want the Sonics to come back to Seattle, you gotta feel good for Kevin Johnson and the Kings.”

Brendan M @Mclooneytunes

” The NBA Board of Governors voted 22-8 to bankrupt the City of Sacramento. #Sonics.”

Marcus Connery @MarcusWSea

” Can’t say i’m surprised by today’s outcome. It was the right decision, albeit a disappointing one. #sonics.”

Stephen Heath @dilisnya

” The Kings staying is one of the greatest stories ever told! Wow! So proud to be a Sacramentan!”

Nick @Nickdogg78

” Thanks to everyone who has helped keep the faith about our Kings. I feel like I can finally breathe. #SACRAMENTO.”

Christine Gillespie @vladefan21

” Time to buy season tickets to watch the kings next season! #sacbound.”

Tony Buckets @Anthony_OABN

” The kings staying in Sac is not breaking news, you’re interrupting my Ellen.”

Jerome Troy @DreamChasinLife

” I’m not gonna even try and lie, I shed a few tears of joy when I got the news of my Kings staying where they belong.”


” I’m so hyped right now, don’t get me wrong I would love to see the sonics or whoever back in Seattle, but it’s not gonna be the kings.”

Kyle Ranada @k_ranada89

” So happy the Kings are staying in Sacremento #KingsAllDay #NBA #Happy.”

Mike Evans @MikeysBofegz

” To all the nice Seattle Sonics fans, Good Luck to getting an expansion team. I hope you get one soon. @NBA.”

SactoKingsGirl @iamLuckyD14

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