"Not all Oklahomans are proud of the way things were done. The only thing we can do now is support the individuals that play their hearts...

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“Not all Oklahomans are proud of the way things were done. The only thing we can do now is support the individuals that play their hearts out and help to better our state. Although I feel for Seattle, Oklahoma is a growing, wonderful state and should be thought of as more than podunk.”

— MN, Oklahoma City

“It is a sad day any time something is snatched away from its rightful owner.”

— Fannie Bates,

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Oklahoma City

“I think it’s highly comical that the ‘educated’ people of Seattle blame Clay Bennett and David Stern for a problem that was created by the city of Seattle. The government officials had an off-suit 2 and a 3 and they bluffed right up until the last card fell. Now they want to cry about the cards they are left holding. Instead of bashing people who are actually willing to support a team with their own tax money, why don’t you cast a look toward the former owner who’s enjoying the windfall from selling a team that’s losing money?”

— Biff, Oklahoma City

“Though I am pleased with the Board of Governors’ decision, I am concerned. If they can so easily approve a team’s move from one city to another, who’s to say that in a few years we won’t be facing the same as Seattle? Government leaders change, new owners will come and go, and ticket sales could fall. We are due for a pro team, but one must look at both sides of the fence.”

— A Concerned Fan, Oklahoma City

“As to those calling Clay a liar: We have months and months of beseeching the Washington/Seattle legislators to help out with the arena, hundreds of thousands of dollars spent in travel costs, lobbyists and independent consultants trying to keep the team in Seattle. You have a couple of e-mails that in no way say, ‘Forget our obligations to act in good faith.’ Once you calm down, I think you’ll see that your stance is a little silly.”

— Matt, Oklahoma City

“You need to be upset with your city, county and state leaders! They are the ones who forgot you, the ones who focused on other buildings and other teams instead of focusing on your city’s most historic team.

“I just wish the people of Seattle would realize that the more negative actions David Stern and the NBA Board sees from them, the less likely they will be moved to bring a team back to your fine city.

“So, call your leaders, make your voice heard and stop attacking a fellow city that has grown. Use your energy to build your city back. I admit that this is one of the happiest days of my life, but I understand that this is also one of the darkest days in Sonics history for those who have been lifelong fans. I hope that your city does in fact get another NBA team and is allowed to keep the name, but please, use your energy to better your city — not attack mine!”

— Jerome D.,

Oklahoma City

“Sorry for Seattle’s loss. I was in Cleveland when the Browns were moved to Baltimore. However, it seems like the public of Seattle is blaming the owner, who, after all, owns the team and should be able to move it where he thinks the team will do best for the owners’ investment, period.

“The blame should be on the city of Seattle that failed to make any effort to accommodate the team. It seems the politicians thought the move idea was a threat or bluff. Apparently they were wrong. Remember that when you vote in the fall.

“Personally, I’d have rather had NFL options, but hey, we have arena football and you still have the Storm.

— Hutch, Oklahoma City

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