Clay Bennett, the man who moved the Sonics from Seattle, has been placed in charge of the NBA's relocation committee, which seems a little like (blank) being (blank).

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Clay Bennett has been placed in charge of the NBA’s relocation committee.

The NBA owner who engineered the exit of Seattle’s first major professional sports franchise nearly three years ago is now in a position of authority over the very process that excised our city’s hoops hearts.

Some jokes are their own punchline.

And you could use any number of words to describe the last man to relocate an NBA franchise now overseeing the very same process that could occur in Sacramento. It is galling if you’re a Kings fan, problematic if you’re an NBA fan and it’s laughably predictable for Sonics fans. After all, gallows humor is about all we’re left with when it comes to the NBA.

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We turned to Twitter, where @dannyoneil asked you to complete the following sentence: Clay Bennett being appointed new head of NBA’s relocation committee is like (blank) being (blank).

Here are some of your responses:

• Like the devil being promoted in hell. — Daniel Kessler (@DBKessler)

• BP being in charge of oil-spill cleanup policy. — Joe Ortel (@JoeOrtel)

• Like putting Allen Iverson in charge of practice. — Our own Bob Condotta (@Bcondotta)

• Like Michael Vick running the Westminster Kennel Club. — Vincent Verhei (@FO_Vverhei)

• Like Howard Schultz being an NBA owner. — (@LikkitP)

• Like Homer Simpson as doughnut inspector. — Eric Mitchell (@Ericsgot3girls)

• Like hiring Matt Millen for expert draft analysis. — Jay Lampert (@MortChristenson)

• Like Bill Bavasi being GM of the Mariners. — Jeff (@SEATTLEish)

• Like Ron Artest in charge of crowd control. — Patrick Conner (@GoSeaHox)

• Like the 700 Club naming Charlie Sheen as new host. — Tom Page (@TomPage)

• Like NBC giving Jay Leno his job back as host of “The Tonight Show.” — Connor H. (@RealConnorH)

• Like Griffey in charge of clubhouse pillows. — Paul Marsh (@PositivePauly)

• Like Bernie Madoff being put in charge of U.S. Treasury. — JZ (@OlySounder)

• Like making LeGarrette Blount head of college football sportsmanship committee. — Troy Oppie (@BoiseBeerSnob)

• Like JaMarcus Russell being named the head of the President’s Council on Physical Fitness. — N.Torpey (@Torpeydo)

• Like Bill Gates being named president of the Paul Allen Fan Club. — Dan Evans Jr. (@DanEvansJr)

• Like putting OPEC in charge of oil prices. — Dave Benefiel (@Dbenefiel)

• Like putting Sam Kinison in charge of an anger management class. — Cmon man (Submitted as a comment on

• Ronald McDonald being the head of a nutrition department — Shane Dover (on Facebook)

• And then, there was a Tweet that was not funny. Not funny at all. This is Jared Thompson, who works for the University of Oklahoma’s sports-information department. And here’s what Thompson Tweeted: “Clay Bennett in charge of NBA relocation? Sweet! 2 OKC teams! Seattle, this gives you a re-do since you didn’t care enough last time.” He subsequently deleted the comment, saying it was “humor gone sour.”

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