Talk about some big ones that got away.

Talk about some big ones that got away.

Sunday’s “Battle on Bago,” an ice-fishing tournament on Lake Winnebago, Wis., was marred when 36 vehicles parked on the lake fell through the foot-thick ice as temperatures rose, leaving half of them completely submerged.

But this is no fish tale: The biggest lunkers landed that day were all reeled in by tow trucks.


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• At ” ‘Moneyball’ loses Best Picture to big-budget Yankees highlights DVD.”

• At “Robert Griffin III runs 2.7-second 40 away from Redskins and Browns representatives.”

Dumb and dumber

Morgan State scored a bizarre 73-72 basketball win over Delaware State on Monday night when DSU fans, mistakenly thinking the game was over, stormed the court with 1.1 seconds left — resulting in a technical foul and the two winning free throws.

Not sure whether the fans were given the “T” for delay of game or sheer celebration stupidity. That Morgan State team they thought they’d vanquished? It has an 8-19 record.

More coffee, please

“I went to the Daytona 500,” tweeted Dan Daly of the Washington Times, “and the 24 Hours of LeMans broke out.”

Some fly pattern

Former Cal quarterback Joe Ayoob tossed a paper airplane 226 feet, 10 inches — 19 ½ feet longer than the recognized world record — inside a hangar at McClellan Air Force Base in northern California.

Updated Ayoob scouting report: Still has an excellent arm, at least on paper.

He’s on lap 73

Mario Andretti turned 72 on Tuesday.

In lieu of a birthday cake at the restaurant, he did donuts in the parking lot.

Backspins galore

Ex-tennis great Martina Navratilova will compete in this season’s “Dancing With The Stars” on ABC-TV.

Foot faults, one figures, won’t be a problem.

Soggy Sox Dept.

The Red Sox just can’t stop blaming last year’s late-season collapse on players drinking beer in the clubhouse during games.

As far as baseball excuses go, file it under bad hops.

Talking the talk

• Len Berman of, on the Washington Nationals announcing they’ll admit women and children first into the ballpark on April 15 — the 100-year anniversary of the Titanic disaster: “No word if the Nationals feature a sinkerball pitcher.”

• Ex-reliever Eddie Guardado, to the Minneapolis Star Tribune, on why throwing a little spring-training BP won’t be a problem: “My last five years in the big leagues, I was pretty much throwing batting practice.”

• Injury-prone pitcher Joel Zumaya, on his plans after blowing out his elbow in the Twins camp: “I’m a pretty dang good fisherman, so I might pursue professional fishing.”

Split-squad alert

Thanks to MLB-TV, baseball fans can go online and watch nearly 200 spring-training games live this month.

So what’s next, televised pregame stretching? Scratch-and-spit practice?

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