All morons, please step forward. Mark Cuban is taking roll.

“There’s no law against stupid,” said the Dallas Mavericks owner, according to the Nashville Tennessean, when asked how to keep bigotry out of the NBA. “I’m the one guy who says ‘don’t force stupid people to be quiet.’

“I want to know who the morons are.”


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• At “Rory McIlroy takes a mulligan on marrying Caroline Wozniacki.”

• At “Joey Crawford tops NBA referee jersey sales again.”

Opening a hole

A 40-foot sinkhole appeared in Austin Peay’s football stadium.

Ohio Valley Conference pundits predict a lot of receivers going deep next season.

You make the call

“No contest” was the plea entered by:

a) 49ers linebacker Aldon Smith, to three felony weapons charges and two misdemeanor DUI counts of driving under the influence.

b) the Oklahoma City Thunder, in losing Game 2 to the Spurs, 112-77.

One-shot deal

A shopper standing in line at a Phoenix Walmart accidentally shot himself in the leg.

Coincidence? Rumor has it he was about to buy a Plaxico Burress jersey.

Fire when ready

The Cleveland Cavaliers fired coach Mike Brown for the second time.

“Two down, three to go,” chuckled the ghost of Billy Martin.

Paging Nick Nolte

A group of retired NFL players has sued the league, claiming they were illegally supplied with drugs that led to medical complications.

Apparently none of these guys ever saw “North Dallas Forty.”

Quote marks

• Mark Whicker of The Orange County Register, on the beauty of horse racing: “California Chrome has shown all athletes that you can have a lot of success without tweeting about it.”

• Ian Hamilton of the Regina (Sask.) Leader-Post, on General Motors recalling more than 13 million vehicles this year: “It’s the worst performance by a GM in Detroit since Matt Millen.”

• CBS’s David Letterman, on studies suggesting that women love men in uniform: “You know, unless it’s a Mets uniform.”

Taking one in the teeth

The Dodgers released Miguel Olivo after the veteran catcher bit off part of a minor-league teammate’s ear during a dugout dust-up.

There went his endorsement chances with Big League Chew.

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