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1. Billy Martin and Reggie Jackson, 1977. The Bronx Zoo was never more explosive than during a Yankees-Red Sox game at Fenway Park, which had the added bonus of being on national television. Believing that Jackson had loafed while going after a Jim Rice double, Martin yanked Reggie out of the game in the middle of the inning while he was making a pitching change. The two then had a screaming match in the dugout — Billy doing most of the screaming — and the manager had to be restrained by coaches from going after Jackson.

2. Lou Piniella and Rob Dibble, 1992. The footage of an irate Piniella charging Dibble in the Reds’ clubhouse never gets old. Piniella was reacting to a reporter telling him after the game that Dibble had called Piniella a liar for saying that Dibble had told Lou before the game he was unavailable to close that night. It seems kind of silly in retrospect, doesn’t it?

3. Frank Lucchesi and Lenny Randle, 1977. Randle would gain fame in Seattle for blowing a bunt foul, but there was nothing amusing about this vicious incident. Upset at losing his job as the Rangers’ second baseman to Bump Wills, and allegedly called a punk by 49-year-old Texas manager Lucchesi, Randle slugged Lucchesi in the face, breaking his cheekbone. Lucchesi was hospitalized, and Randle was fined, suspended and soon traded.

4. Jim Leyland and Barry Bonds, 1991. Who can forget Leyland standing up to Bonds in spring training that year and screaming, for all the world to hear, “I’ve been kissing your butt for three years. No one player is going to ruin this camp. If you don’t like it, go home.” Leyland apparently didn’t like the way Bonds was treating elderly instructor — and Pirates patriarch — Bill Virdon, but he was obviously making a point about who was boss. The two eventually forged a strong relationship, and Bonds carried Leyland off the field when the Pirates won the division that year.

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5. John Gibbons and Shea Hillenbrand, 2006. It was a volatile year for Gibbons, the Blue Jays manager, who also clashed with pitcher Ted Lilly. The Hillenbrand confrontation occurred after the infielder scribbled “This is a sinking ship” and “Play for yourselves” on the clubhouse message board. Gibbons, oddly enough, was offended and challenged Hillenbrand to a fight in front of the team. The next day, Hillenbrand was designated for assignment.

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