Last weeks rankings in parentheses Team 1 Phillies (1) Polanco playing with sports hernia; he'd prefer an arts and crafts hernia 2 Yankees...

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Last weeks rankings in parentheses

1 Phillies (1) Polanco playing with sports hernia; he’d prefer an arts and crafts hernia
2 Yankees (3) New book on Jeter’s Yankee captaincy: “The Old Man And the ‘C’ “
3 Red Sox (2) New book on Varitek’s Red Sox captaincy: “We Gave ‘Em Slocumb, I swear”
4 Braves (4) When it comes time to talk contract, Braves could get a Bourn ultimatum
5 Brewers (5) Brewers hope to get Rickie Weeks back from ankle injury by mid-September
6 Diamondbacks (9) Miguel Montero is best catcher no one’s heard of (except for fantasy-leaguers)
7 Rangers (6) Beltre comes off DL, thankful it wasn’t again for severely contused right testicle
8 Tigers (8) Verlander up for MVP, Cy Young and the Irving G. Thalberg Award
9 Rays (10) Rays propose new playoff system: Yankees and Red Sox aren’t eligible
10 Angels (7) Judging by the one HR Bobby has given up, not many hitters can rock the Cassevah
11 Cardinals (12) That .300-30 HR-100 RBI line you penciled in for Pujols? Go ahead and pen it in
12 Giants (11) You know your offense stinks when your goal is to score runs like the Mariners
13 Indians (15) “Manny Being Manny” could mean Manager of the Year for Acta
14 White Sox (14) To cut down on ejections, Ozzie tweets his displeasure to umpires
15 Blue Jays (13) Bautista is the Player of the Year, but is he the MVP?
16 Dodgers (21) McCourt offers generous donation to charity for every Jamey Carroll home run
17 Reds (16) Reds contemplating making Chapman a starter next season
18 Mets (20) Wilpon offers generous donation to charity for every Dickey fastball over 95 mph
19 Rockies (17) With Tulowitzki, Kouzmanoff and Ianetta, scorer goes on DL with writers cramp
20 Pirates (19) McCutchen no doubt has same dreams as other young Pirates’ stars: Free agency
21 A’s (23) Soccer-loving Billy Beane decided that all A’s games this year would be “friendlies”
22 Nationals (18) No. 1 fall attraction: Bryce Harper and Mike Trout on Scottsdale Scorpions (AFL)
23 Twins (26) Twins go as far as Mauer and Morneau take them, and this year it wasn’t far
24 Mariners (24) With Jack traded, Dan retired and Josh released, Mike is the last Wilson standing
25 Marlins (25) Marlins are collapsing, but at least Yahoo isn’t investigating them
26 Orioles (29) Orioles making patented September drive to finish less than 25 games under .500
27 Padres (22) Bud Black wishes he could have pitched against the team he manages
28 Cubs (27) Zambrano sent home for the season at the Aug. 31 tirade deadline
29 Royals (28) Where’s Carlos Febles when you really need him?
30 Astros (30) Roger Clemens ordered to stand trial, hopes he’s not designated for confinement
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