Last week's rankings in parentheses Team 1 Nationals (1) Nats celebrate clinching, but Strasburg shut down when he reaches champagne limit...

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Last week’s rankings in parentheses

1 Nationals (1) Nats celebrate clinching, but Strasburg shut down when he reaches champagne limit
2 Reds (3) Here’s to a healthy return, and long October, for Dusty Baker
3 Rangers (2) Almost time for the annual Nelson Cruz postseason power explosion
4 Orioles (4) The best team in baseball, bar none, from the 10th inning on
5 Giants (7) Nice of Survivor contestant Jeff Kent to invite Barry Bonds to “Redemption Island”
6 Yankees (6) Jeter vows to spend whole career with one team; Minka wanted same commitment
7 Braves (9) Jones may play another year just to get another batch of farewell gifts from teams
8 A’s (5) If A’s lose any more pitchers, Vida Blue might have to come out of retirement
9 Angels (10) If Scioscia is fired, let me be the first: Mike Trout, player-manager
10 White Sox (8) Stunned to discover “Trouble with the Curve” wasn’t Adam Dunn biopic
11 Rays (12) Rays could set AL record for K’s — by both their hitters and pitchers
12 Cardinals (13) Welcome back, Chris Carpenter. Didn’t expect you ’til next year
13 Brewers (14) Brewers end regular season, incongruously, against Padres
14 Tigers (11) Trailing Trout in MVP polls, Cabrera needs an “October 1, 2 or 3 Surprise”
15 Phillies (15) Cheers to Mount Vernon’s Kyle Kendrick, who might soon be the 4 in “Big 4”
16 Dodgers (16) Brandon League experiencing patented traded-Mariner revival as Dodger closer
17 Diamondbacks (17) Upton likely to be dealt in offseason; would look awfully good in Seattle
18 Padres (19) Headley has gone from trade-deadline fodder to MVP candidate in 2 months
19 Mariners (20) Mariners loaded with fourth outfielders, fifth infielders, and second catchers
20 Royals (21) Where’s Hipolito Pichardo when you really need him?
21 Pirates (18) In shocker, Andrew McCutchen declared ineligible to win Nobel Peace Prize
22 Red Sox (23) Dice-K stars in Japanese version of Eastwood movie, “Trouble with the Gyro”
23 Blue Jays (24) Overshadowed by Red Sox, but Blue Jays have staged their own epic collapse
24 Mets (24) Terry Collins voted manager least likely to go “Gangnam Style”
25 Twins (25) Race for last place between Twins and Indians should be scintillating
26 Marlins (26) Starting to look like Ozzie has worn out his welcome, not to mention his bullpen
27 Indians (29) Indians to hold Fan Appreciation Day, and boy, is their fan excited
28 Cubs (27) This season is a real jolt to Cubs’ long legacy of championship success
29 Rockies (28) Embarrassed Rockies discover they’ve been storing bats, not balls, in humidor
30 Astros (30) Managerial candidates reluctantly agree to release WAR rankings for last 20 years
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