Last weeks rankings in parentheses Team 1 Phillies (2) Vance's 2. 83 ERA: Best performance by a Worley since Jo Anne on "Laugh-In" 2 Red...

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Last weeks rankings in parentheses

1 Phillies (2) Vance’s 2.83 ERA: Best performance by a Worley since Jo Anne on “Laugh-In”
2 Red Sox (1) For comedic purposes only, Red Sox may play Ortiz at first base in NL cities
3 Yankees (3) Derek Jeter turns 37 Sunday; his reputation as overrated SS reaching toddler stage
4 Braves (5) Fredi Gonzalez rapidly becoming the dean of NL East managers
5 Diamondbacks (7) Wily Mo Pena fills gaping “home run or strikeout” void left by Mark Reynolds
6 Giants (4) Bumgarner gives up 8 hits to start off game, fans drop final 2 syllables of name
7 Rays (9) 3rd-best team in American League; unfortunately, 3rd-best team in own division
8 Brewers (6) Noted hoopster Zack Greinke somehow bypassed in NBA draft
9 Rangers (12) Josh Hamilton gets contact lenses, as opposed to Jim Riggleman’s contract lenses
10 Indians (11) Since May 1, Grady Sizemore hitting .176 with 45 strikeouts in 125 at-bats
11 Tigers (8) Canceled promotions: Jim Leyland Chain-Smoking Bobblehead Day
12 Nationals (20) In brief stint under McLaren, Nats bleeping buckled it up and got after it
13 Cardinals (10) Without Pujols, Cardinals offense trying to stay off the disabled list
14 Reds (14) Reds activate Aroldis Chapman, revive sagging radar-gun industry
15 Pirates (16) Not since 1991 Mariners would a team be so thrilled to finish above .500
16 Rockies (19) Despite rumors, Dexter Fowler will continue being switch-outmaker
17 Mets (15) Inspired by Ron Artest, changing team name to the New York Mettas
18 Mariners (13) M’s to reveal soon that 2011 season is an homage to Mario Mendoza
19 White Sox (21) If it’s possible to hit a quiet 400 homers, Konerko (with 386) is the man
20 Angels (18) Judging by interleague, Angels would be strong contender in NL East
21 Blue Jays (17) Toronto to acquire best-hitting third baseman in MLB: Jose Bautista
22 A’s (23) A’s hoping Jemile Weeks is their Buster Posey (minus gruesome injury)
23 Twins (24) Still waiting for Mauer Power, but getting by on Cuddyer Fire
24 Orioles (22) Where’s Jeffrey Hammonds when you really need him?
25 Dodgers (27) Dodgers owner is Ronald McDonald of MLB: “I’ll see you in McCourt!”
26 Padres (28) Seeing Jack McKeon and Davey Johnson back, Padres name Dick Williams manager
27 Royals (25) It took the Royals longer than normal this year to remember they were the Royals
28 Cubs (29) Cubs place most players of any team in “No Futures” Game
29 Marlins (26) With Jack McKeon now on board, can activation of Jeff Conine be far behind?
30 Astros (30) Ed Wade won’t rest until he achieves goal of all-Rodriguez pitching staff
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