Weekly MLB rankings.

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Last week’s ranking in parentheses

1 Yankees (1) Yankees irate that Cardinals refused to trade them Pujols and Wainwright
2 Rays (2) Rays should be proud of scaring Yankees into two big trades
3 Rangers (4) If Mark Cuban buys Rangers, will he look for managers at the Dairy Queen?
4 Padres (6) In 162-game span since last July 28, Padres went 97-65
5 White Sox (5) Sox were seeking a blockbuster, settled for cul-de-sac crusher
6 Braves (3) Braves still looking to replicate impact of McGriff deal in 1993
7 Giants (8) Only remaining hope for offensive upgrade is a Barry Bonds comeback
8 Red Sox (9) Their trade-deadline boost will come from players leaving the DL
9 Reds (11) If Reds get to World Series, nice touch would be Griffeys throwing out first pitch
10 Cardinals (7) Cardinals don’t want rent-a-player, but they might be willing to lease
11 Twins (16) Wilson Ramos will find Pudge’s shadow not nearly as large as Mauer’s
12 Phillies (15) Phillies get Roy Oswalt, but he’s no Cliff Lee
13 Dodgers (13) Rallying cry for Dodgers players in contract talks: “Show me the alimony!”
14 A’s (17) Where’s Art Howe when you really need him?
15 Blue Jays (20) No deals for Jays; they’re “stuck” with Jose Bautista and his 31 homers
16 Rockies (12) Carlos Gonzalez is quietly becoming a player to be reckoned with
17 Marlins (18) Interim manager has guided them into an interim pennant race
18 Tigers (10) Tigers acquire Jhonny Peralta, hope he’s another Jhonny Damon
19 Angels (14) Rally Monkey has been replaced by the Slump Simian
20 Mets (19) In any deal, Mets seeking a player to be blamed later
21 Brewers (21) Just a heads-up: Prince Fielder trade rumors will be frenetic by December
22 Cubs (22) After 17-2 loss, Lou might cash in his vacation days and leave in August
23 Nationals (23) Bryce Harper tells Nationals he wants “Sam Bradford money”
24 Indians (24) Indians have gaping hole on disabled list after trading Kerry Wood
25 Astros (25) Astros trade Berkman, Oswalt; it’s Wandy Rodriguez’s team now
26 Royals (26) No, “Dinner for Schmucks” is not about Royals’ postgame spread
27 Mariners (28) So I guess the Mariners aren’t getting Adrian Gonzalez at the deadline
28 Pirates (29) Can you envision the day when Pirates are buyers, not sellers? Me either
29 Diamondbacks (27) D-backs cleared out some flotsam, still have plenty of jetsam
30 Orioles (30) O’s kept Showalter sequestered for past month so he couldn’t see them play
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