Last week's rankings in parentheses Team 1 Rangers (2) For those who figured the days of "HR paces" were over, we give you: Josh Hamilton...

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Last week’s rankings in parentheses

1 Rangers (2) For those who figured the days of “HR paces” were over, we give you: Josh Hamilton
2 Dodgers (3) If you figured days of Triple Crown were over, too, we give you Hamilton and Kemp
3 Nationals (5) Nats fire back at Hamels. Finally a D.C. rivalry not along party lines
4 Cardinals (4) Where’s Bernard Gilkey when you really need him?
5 Orioles (7) Orioles riding their great pitching to success: Hammel, Chen … Chris Davis
6 Rays (1) If Rays get Marcus Littlewood, they could have Niemann-Marcus battery
7 Braves (6) When arbitration time comes, Braves will wish Freddie was a free man
8 Yankees (9) Busy week for Pettitte: Witness for prosecution, starter for Yankees
9 Indians (10) The Johnny Damon 3,000-hit tour makes its latest stop in Cleveland
10 Blue Jays (8) Vladimir Guerrero on his way to teach Jays some plate discipline
11 Mets (15) I’m no economist, but hitting .400 likely to help Wright’s marketability
12 Tigers (11) Could use one more power bat. Someone like,oh, Brandon Inge
13 Marlins (23) Gaudy sculpture erupts for HRs; Gloria Estefan hums show tune for infield singles
14 Reds (16) Not true that Homer Bailey will change his name to Balk Bailey
15 A’s (19) Manny can start being Manny in the minor leagues on May 20
16 Giants (14) Looming question as Mota suspended 100 games: Was Fed Ex open?
17 White Sox (20) Early version of Eddie Money’s song was “Two Tickets to Karkovice”
18 Phillies (12) Hamels says hitting Harper was “old school.” He also thinks lolcats are old school
19 Diamondbacks (13) Keep in mind Arizona started 15-22 last year and won division by eight games
20 Angels (22) Angels probably didn’t think they were spending $240 million for Mario Mendoza
21 Astros (26) Robert Caro has spent 30 years on LBJ bio, but could churn out J.A. Happ in three months
22 Mariners (24) Inspired by Sounders’ success, M’s will now call their uniforms “kits”
23 Brewers (21) MLB finally tackling its biggest issue: the fake-to-3rd, throw-to-1st pickoff
24 Pirates (25) Polar opposite of Yankees in every way. Games broadcast on the NO Network
25 Red Sox (18) What Beckett didn’t clarify is that it was actually miniature golf
26 Rockies (17) Time to pen a poem about Moyer: “Rime of the Ancient Ex-Mariner”
27 Cubs (27) Fourteen years ago last week, Kerry Wood K’d 20 Astros. Whatever happened to him?
28 Royals (29) Now that Clippers are good, KC a top example of high draft picks, futile results
29 Padres (28) Tim Stauffer coming off DL to start Monday against Nationals
30 Twins (30) No danger of contraction anymore, but maybe Twins should be relegated
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