Last week's rankings in parentheses Team 1 Nationals (1) More bad news for Nats fans: Harper has reached his swing limit 2 Rangers (2) Beltre...

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Last week’s rankings in parentheses

1 Nationals (1) More bad news for Nats fans: Harper has reached his swing limit
2 Rangers (2) Beltre declines honorary Stanley Cup, says he doesn’t use cups
3 Reds (3) Reds fans hope Chapman’s fatigued shoulder getting plenty of power naps
4 Orioles (4) O’s obliterating everything we thought we knew about run differential
5 A’s (9) Bob Melvin is Asdrubal Cabrera of managers: M’s didn’t know what they had
6 Yankees (6) Yanks announce they have extended Player Development Contract with Mariners
7 Giants (8) Willie Mays surpassed in career hits by Jeter: Say Hey and Say Hype
8 White Sox (10) Defiant Jay Cutler blames White Sox bullpen for his picks against Packers
9 Braves (7) Pardon me, but when did Kris Medlen become the best pitcher in the NL?
10 Angels (13) Another amazing Mike Trout fact: He hit .403 in 20 games in PCL this season
11 Tigers (11) Amazing that Cabrera, Fielder and Verlander might not be enough
12 Rays (5) Can’t wait for Maddon to unveil his eight-man infield against Ichiro
13 Cardinals (12) Now they know how the Braves felt last year
14 Brewers (18) Braun contending for another MVP award; Fed Ex announces extended hours
15 Phillies (17) Hmmm… Phils sell at trade deadline, surge into contention
16 Dodgers (14) Hmmm… Dodgers load up with big names, sputter down the stretch
17 Diamondbacks (16) D’Backs hope Adam Eaton has even better career than the other Adam Eaton
18 Pirates (15) Baseball gods must have some kind of grudge against the Pirates
19 Padres (20) In dead heat with Mariners for the coveted Peoria Cup
20 Mariners (19) Mariners still excited by Big 3. It’s the Current 25 that’s worrisome
21 Royals (22) Only Royal having worse week than Bruce Chen is Kate Middleton
22 Blue Jays (24) Jays have amazing knack for finding 40-homer journeymen
23 Red Sox (23) Red Sox deny they are for sale. Valentine, however, can be put on layaway
24 Mets (21) R.A. Dickey has single-knuckledly kept Mets respectable
25 Twins (28) I’ve kind of lost track — is Kent Hrbek still on the team?
26 Marlins (25) Ozzie has never been more creative — but enough about his tweets
27 Cubs (29) Epstein has built a team in image of Red Sox — the September 2011 Red Sox
28 Rockies (26) When they had Russell Wilson, gave him better protection than he had Sunday
29 Indians (27) Where’s Kenny Lofton when you really need him?
30 Astros (30) Astros closing on 100 losses — one for each remaining fan
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