Final rankings; Last week's rankings in parentheses Team 1 Nationals (1) Teddy finally wins Presidents Race after Abe shut down for reaching...

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Final rankings; Last week’s rankings in parentheses

1 Nationals (1) Teddy finally wins Presidents Race after Abe shut down for reaching lap limit
2 Yankees (7) Yanks show fiscal responsibility works (for them, $196 million IS fiscal responsibility)
3 Reds (2) Fortunately, J.T. Snow still around to rescue overeager Reds bat boys in playoffs
4 A’s (8) If Big Bird is designated for assignment, Beane will sign him for A’s rotation
5 Orioles (4) If Orioles and A’s meet in ALCS, baseball gods will finally have to pick a side
6 Giants (5) Giants may still own Bay Area, but A’s attempting leveraged buyout
7 Braves (6) Braves introduce quaint new playoff tradition: The 8th-Inning Beer-Can Toss
8 Tigers (11) I wonder if Paul Hines felt guilty about winning Triple Crown with 4 HR in 1878?
9 Rays (9) If Longoria hadn’t been hurt for months, Rays might have pulled off another miracle
10 Cardinals (12) Sign ump blew infield-fly call: If he didn’t call it, Cards wouldn’t have argued
11 Rangers (3) Never guessed Rangers would look back at Game 6 as “the good old days”
12 Angels (10) Angels spent $254 million to get MLB’s best player — and had him at minimum wage
13 Dodgers (15) When playoff door slams shut, I hurt for grizzled baseball lifers like Magic Johnson
14 White Sox (13) Adam Dunn is country strong; unfortunately, rest of White Sox are city weak
15 Brewers (14) Sorry, Uek, but Brewers just a bit outside the playoffs
16 Phillies (16) Phillies let Ryne Sandberg get away once, won’t let it happen again
17 Diamondbacks (17) Look for Diamondbacks to pick up $6.5 million option on J.J. Putz
18 Padres (18) Where’s Bip Roberts when you really need him?
19 Mariners (19) Reggie Jackson: Mr. October. Justin Smoak: Mr. September
20 Mets (21) Hoping to be the Orioles of 2012 — but not the 1998-through-2011 Orioles
21 Blue Jays (23) David Wells used to be an expert on the clubhouse fry rule
22 Pirates (20) Pirates already have next year’s motto: “82 wins or bust!”
23 Royals (24) Only team shut out of playoffs longer than Royals is the Rockford Peaches
24 Indians (27) Francona interested in job after discovering no fried-chicken outlets near ballpark
25 Twins (26) Twins cut loose hitting, bullpen, third-base coach; begin search for victory coach
26 Marlins (25) Next presidential-debate topic: Who had worse year, Ozzie or Valentine?
27 Red Sox (22) Red Sox will try to return to the stability of the Joe Kerrigan era
28 Rockies (28) Still the saddest team in Colorado
29 Cubs (29) For one week, at least, Cubs aren’t the saddest team in Chicago
30 Astros (30) For one week, at least, Astros aren’t the saddest team in Texas
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