Last week's final rankings in parentheses Team 1 Giants (1) Social media-savvy Giants may not repeat, but guaranteed to re-Tweet 2 Braves...

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Last week’s final rankings in parentheses

1 Giants (1) Social media-savvy Giants may not repeat, but guaranteed to re-Tweet
2 Braves (6) New series on Atlanta PBS station: Upton Abbey
3 Nationals (3) Nationals appear to have survived sequestration crisis just fine
4 A’s (10) Chestnuts roasting on an open fire, Jack Cust nipping at your nose
5 Rangers (4) Who’d guess that the Rangers would miss Chris Davis more than Josh Hamilton?
6 Tigers (7) Opposing pitchers live in fear of Tigers’ big stick … but enough about Omar Infante
7 Reds (2) First Billy Hamilton update: six steals in eight games at Triple-A
8 Cardinals (11) When Yadier Molina charges mound, he gets there two innings later
9 Orioles (9) Adam Jones is a six-tool player, the sixth being bubble-blowing
10 Dodgers (12) Clippers are Lob City, Dodgers so poor in clutch they’re LOB City* (*joke via twitter)
11 Royals (17) Where’s Amos Otis when you really need him?
12 Rays (8) Umpire Marty Foster rings up Evan Longoria while he’s being walked intentionally
13 Diamondbacks (14) Who needs Justin Upton when you have Josh Wilson?
14 Blue Jays (13) Monitoring Casper Wells will be blood sport for Mariners fans
15 Angels (5) Angels sink to last place. No wonder they moved press box where no one can see
16 Red Sox (15) Mike Carp has two at-bats this season, reducing chances he’ll haunt Mariners
17 White Sox (18) Small sample size superstar: Conor Gillaspie hitting .474 (9 for 19) through Friday
18 Rockies (23) Jon Garland (1-0, 3.75) providing rotation stability. Gentlemen, start your snark
19 Yankees (26) A-Rod reportedly bought clinic documents. Next purchase: Cameron Diaz’s popcorn
20 Mets (25) As a catcher, John Buck is driving in runs at a Zunino-like pace
21 Phillies (21) After three trying years, it looks like Utley might finally be Utley again
22 Twins (24) Snowstorm makes Twins long for the good old days of hideous antiseptic Dome
23 Indians (19) Masterson looks like next great Indians ace … so warm up those trade rumors
24 Pirates (22) Hurdle says he plans to manage until Pirates go .500, seeks lifetime contract
25 Brewers (20) Brewers tempted to put their bullpen cellphone on vibrate when Axford gets up
26 Mariners (16) Egress? They’ve had a few. But then again, too few to mention.
27 Cubs (27) Their sound track for this week provided by Rolling Stones: Goats Head Soup
28 Astros (30) Bad news for Bagwell: Spencer Haywood’s agent told him he’s a lock for HOF
29 Padres (28) Carlos Quentin lucky that Nolan Ryan wasn’t pitching. Ask Robin Ventura
30 Marlins (29) Jeffrey Loria pondering whether his last laugh should be a chortle or guffaw
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