Last week's rankings in parentheses Team 1 Nationals (1) Strasburg tells Davey that his brother, Larry Berstrasburg, can pitch in playoffs...

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Last week’s rankings in parentheses

1 Nationals (1) Strasburg tells Davey that his brother, Larry Berstrasburg, can pitch in playoffs
2 Reds (3) Big Red Machine back on road, but in keeping with the times, it’s a hybrid
3 Rangers (5) Adrian Beltre had a fantastic month this week
4 Rays (7) Rays desperately need their third baseman, and that’s the Longo and short of it
5 Yankees (2) Yankees not counting out their longtime bitter rival… but enough about the Rays
6 Giants (14) Giants hoping Dodgers acquired the chicken, beer and video-game wing of the Red Sox
7 White Sox (6) Youkilis’ exit from Boston was a trend slightly ahead of its time
8 Braves (4) That five-game losing streak to end 2011 still haunts Braves
9 Cardinals (10) Best performance by a Jon Jay since the Federalist Papers
10 Orioles (12) Nick Markakis hitting .341 in first 39 game as Orioles’ leadoff hitter
11 Tigers (9) Tigers have strong MVP candidate; but is it Verlander, Cabrera or Jackson?
12 A’s (13) Colon suspended; turns out “testosterone” is a slang term for Ding Dongs
13 Dodgers (11) This week, L.A. claimed Rich Garces, Sam Horn and Ted Williams’ frozen body
14 Pirates (8) Look who’s back in the bigs: Jeff Clement
15 Angels (15) Trout can overcome SI cover jinx; just don’t put him on Madden NFL 13
16 Diamondbacks (16) Don’t know meaning of the word ‘quit.’ Should check out
17 Mariners (20) Only thing missing from surge is Jay Buhner to say, “(Bleep) the wild card”
18 Reds Sox (18) Red Sox dump more than $200 million on Dodgers — that’s, like, two Vernon Wellses
19 Blue Jays (19) Vizquel hoping for Clemens comeback so he has a peer he can call “Gramps”
20 Phillies (22) Phillies fans secretly pleased to have opportunity to boo again
21 Brewers (21) Can’t believe Lance Armstrong didn’t try the “FedEx Defense”
22 Marlins (24) Marlins have distinction of being first of four teams to trade Adrian Gonzalez
23 Mets (17) Mets experiencing franchise’s worst second-half collapse since way back in 2011
24 Padres (26) Where’s Terrmel Sledge when you really need him?
25 Royals (25) In soccer, it’s Sporting Kansas City; in baseball, it’s Bumbling Kansas City
26 Rockies (29) Moyer can’t believe Clemens wants to pitch “at his age”
27 Indians (23) Indians have become AL version of the Astros, but without the charm
28 Twins (27) Twins have become another AL version of Astros, but without the hope
29 Cubs (28) Cubs have become NL version of the Twins, but without the Mauer
30 Astros (30) Astros may want big-name manager, but not many bigger than Tony DeFrancesco
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