Last week's rankings in parentheses Team 1 Dodgers (5) Dodgers policy is that any no-hitter without Vin Scully calling it never happened...

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Last week’s rankings in parentheses

1 Dodgers (5) Dodgers policy is that any no-hitter without Vin Scully calling it never happened
2 Nationals (4) Nats are living proof that stinking for two years can pay huge dividends
3 Rangers (2) Sports Illustrated cover jinx: Rangers could be headed to agonizing Game 7 loss
4 White Sox (1) Danks a lot: With John Danks on DL, brother Jordan Danks called up
5 Braves (16) Braves give out bobblehead of sliding Sid Bream. Off-line Bonds throw not included
6 Rays (3) When Rhymes is rolling, he’s like poetry in motion
7 Giants (12) Barry Zito, who has never had winning record in 5 years with SF, stands 5-3
8 Reds (6) Increasing evidence that Joey Votto is best hitter in baseball
9 Yankees (8) Soriano 8 for 8 in saves. Finally, the Yankees have a closer
10 Mets (11) Mets unimpressed with Mariners’ no-hitter; that’s so last week
11 Orioles (10) Orioles continue youth movement by signing Jamie Moyer
12 Indians (7) Where’s Mel Hall when you really need him?
13 Marlins (9) Didn’t see that coming: Austin Kearns, .346/.414/.596
14 Pirates (17) Pirates’ draft mantra: An Appel today, but keep Boras away
15 Angels (13) Because of Pujols and Wilson signings, Angels had no draft picks in first two rounds
16 Blue Jays (19) Blue Jays continue Ruth movement by signing Vlad Guerrero
17 Red Sox (14) Rejected motto: The Red Sox are finger-licking good
18 Cardinals (15) Reeling Cardinals desperately reading “Men at Work” for managing tips
19 Phillies (18) For the Phillies, end of an era, and for Roy Halladay (3.98), end of an ERA
20 Diamondbacks (24) Kirk Gibson on Diamondbacks’ struggles: “I can’t believe what I just saw”
21 Mariners (25) In 2010 and 2011, a “combined no-hitter” was another name for Mariners lineup
22 Tigers (20) Fister actually getting more run support on DL than he did with Mariners
23 A’s (27) New book on compromise between sabermetricians and scouts: “WAR and peace”
24 Brewers (23) Ryan Braun 3rd in All-Star balloting, but many voters waiting for FedEx to open
25 Twins (28) Byron Buxton is on fast track to majors, as in, “How soon can you get here?”
26 Royals (21) Six Royals among leaders in first All-Star count; AL pushes for election reform
27 Rockies (22) With Moyer released, “old person smell” is gone from clubhouse
28 Astros (26) If Woodward & Bernstein can get back together, why not Bagwell & Biggio?
29 Cubs (29) Some teams rebuild, and some teams reload; the Cubs recede
30 Padres (30) Padres adopt “YOLO” philosophy: You only lose once (except in doubleheaders)
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