Last rankings in parentheses Team 1 Nationals (1) Strasburg will make his next start on 196 days' rest 2 Rangers (3) As if Rangers weren't...

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Last rankings in parentheses

1 Nationals (1) Strasburg will make his next start on 196 days’ rest
2 Rangers (3) As if Rangers weren’t loaded enough, they have No. 1 prospect: Jurickson Profar
3 Reds (2) Bottom-tier teams playing spoiler role; Reds want to avoid being the spoilee
4 Orioles (10) Orioles unveil Ripken statue, start scouting out locations for Adam Jones’
5 Rays (4) Canceled promotions: Joe Maddon bobblehead (only available after 4:15 p.m.)
6 Yankees (5) Scott Boras leads chant of “4 More Years!” each time Cano comes to bat
7 Braves (8) September call-ups allow Fredi Gonzalez to start left-right pitching matchups in 1st inning
8 Giants (6) Sandoval tired of “Kung Fu Panda,” now wants to be called “Honey Boo Boo”
9 A’s (12) Never mind RG3. Newest sports sensation is AJG — A.J. Griffin
10 White Sox (7) DeWayne Wise works scoreless inning despite not having himself to run down flies
11 Tigers (11) Not surprising Tigers pitcher leads AL in K’s; the surprise is that it’s Max Scherzer
12 Cardinals (9) Chris Carpenter hopes to return to mound before end of season
13 Angels (15) Looks like Mike Trout will go in Hall of Fame as an Angel
14 Dodgers (13) Magic Johnson’s next big move: Hire Pat Riley as manager
15 Pirates (14) ‘Cutch battling Melky for batting title. The suspense, and suspension, is killing him
16 Diamondbacks (16) Top prospect Socrates Brito represents a real change in philosophy for D-backs
17 Phillies (20) Where’s Charlie Hayes when you really need him?
18 Brewers (21) One year after, Ryan Braun’s OPS has plummeted from .994 to .993
19 Mariners (17) Zduriencik ready to call up Zunino so he won’t be last in team phone directory
20 Padres (24) Tyler turns in best performance by a Skaggs since Boz recorded “Lowdown”
21 Mets (23) In movie version of his book, R.A. Dickey will be played by Charlie Hough
22 Royals (25) Royals hope Wil Myers is the next Carlos Beltran, not the next Carlos Febles
23 Red Sox (18) Embattled Valentine needs to schedule a speech from his First Lady to humanize him
24 Blue Jays (19) J.A. Happ will miss rest of season, meaning hapless Jays will be Happ-less Jays
25 Marlins (22) Will face Red Sox in WSOODT: World Series of Over-hyped Dysfunctional Teams
26 Rockies (26) Tulo will return, but for Rockies, it’s Tulittle, Tulate
27 Indians (27) Not that Acta’s in trouble, but GM holds meeting with empty chair after latest loss
28 Twins (28) Twins retire number of Tom Kelly, still the manager least likely to “Get Jiggy With it”
29 Cubs (29) Bad News: In 3 weeks, Cubs will be worst team in National League
30 Astros (30) Good news: In 3 weeks, Astros will no longer be worst team in National League
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