Last week's rankings in parentheses Team 1 Nationals (1) Government shutdown would be troubling; Strasburg shutdown a major crisis 2 Yankees...

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Last week’s rankings in parentheses

1 Nationals (1) Government shutdown would be troubling; Strasburg shutdown a major crisis
2 Yankees (3) A-Rod gives Felix a hand for his perfecto — a broken hand, but a hand
3 Reds (4) Ryan Ludwick quietly having one of the best turnaround seasons in baseball
4 Braves (5) Braves going to 6-man rotation, but none are named Maddux or Glavine
5 Rangers (2) No manager burns more calories during game than frenetic Ron Washington
6 White Sox (8) Great to see Konerko back and homering after time off for concussion
7 Rays (12) Perfect game-ravaged Rays break out champagne after first-inning walk
8 Pirates (6) Is this the year The Curse of the Bream-bino is finally broken?
9 Tigers (11) Nine straight years: Cabrera gets 100 RBI, Fielder eats 100 Arby sandwiches
10 Cardinals (10) Teams above them might not be so obliging with a collapse this year
11 Dodgers (14) Seattle has Hempfest, Dodgers have Kempfest, & they hope it runs through October
12 Orioles (13) Murray charged with insider trading, which had nothing to do with Adam Jones deal
13 A’s (9) Billy Beane plotting his ultimate coup: A 30-team trade
14 Giants (7) Tough break for Giants, but no use crying over spilt Melk
15 Angels (15) Despite Trout, Angels having trouble swimming upstream
16 Diamondbacks (16) Aaron Hill has the audacity to go 50 games without a cycle
17 Mets (18) Was it worth it? Johan Santana since 134-pitch no-hitter: 3-7, 8.27 ERA
18 Reds Sox (17) Who’d have guessed that 2011 collapse would be regarded as “the sane period”?
19 Blue Jays (19) MLB scuttlebutt: John Farrell could be managing Red Sox next year
20 Mariners (24) Felix has achieved perfection, but fans still fear defection
21 Brewers (20) Fans want to know when he’ll close again, but Brewers refuse to disclose Ax return
22 Phillies (21) This year, offense-starved Phils have the “Fab 4.06” — their runs per game
23 Indians (23) Turns out Roberto Hernandez doesn’t pitch any better than Fausto Carmona
24 Marlins (22) After Mars project, U.S. space program reduced to Giancarlo Stanton home runs
25 Royals (27) Tiny Tim Collins, 5-7 lefty, leads all AL relievers with 80 Ks (in 59 innings)
26 Padres (26) Phil Mickelson approved as owner, but Selig refuses to allow sand trap at 2nd base
27 Twins (25) Where’s Denny Hocking when you really need him?
28 Cubs (28) Cubs sign Horacio Ramirez to minor-league deal. Supply your own punch line
29 Rockies (29) Fans’ battle cry has changed from “Tu-lo!” to “U-lose!”
30 Astros (30) Altuve’s great; Astros’ problem is all the players taller than 5-5
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