Last week's rankings in parentheses Team 1 Rangers (1) Ron Washington will savor respite from his All-Star team to manage All-Star team...

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Last week’s rankings in parentheses

1 Rangers (1) Ron Washington will savor respite from his All-Star team to manage All-Star team
2 Yankees (2) Larry Ellison buys Lanai after Yankees refuse to sell him rights to Dave Eiland
3 Nationals (4) Would Nats love another Bryce Harper? That’s a clone question, bro
4 Angels (6) ESPN should rename Web Gems “Mike Trout’s Catch of the Day”
5 Giants (8) Matt Cain gives up run on Friday, deemed a bitter failure
6 Orioles (5) Where’s Jeff Ballard when you really need him?
7 Mets (7) Can’t be too long before new ad campaign: “Chicks Dig The Knuckleball”
8 White Sox (14) They’re not booing; they’re yelling “Yooooouk.” Except when Dunn strikes out
9 Reds (12) Baker celebrates 10th anniversary of ’02 World Series by weeping copiously
10 Red Sox (15) Relieved to learn “Ted” isn’t about a Hall of Famer who comes to life
11 Pirates (13) Catcher Michael McKenry has cool nickname: “The Fort,” as in Fort McHenry
12 Dodgers (3) Yahoo! hires Tommy Lasorda as executive VP in charge of exclamation points
13 Rays (9) Rays eye major stretch-drive pickup: Evan Longoria
14 Cardinals (17) La Russa’s brain will be working on four month’s rest for All-Star Game cameo
15 Braves (10) Braves tell streaking Jason: Carry on, my Heyward son
16 Diamondbacks (18) Aaron Hill a big proponent of re-cycling
17 Blue Jays (16) Blue Jays thoughtfully name Class AAA team “51s” after Jamie Moyer’s age
18 Indians (11) Struggling Indians ask themselves: What would Rocky Colavito do?
19 Royals (24) K.C. fans so conditioned, they’ll expect All-Star team to be traded at deadline
20 A’s (20) When lamenting bad M’s deals, remember this: Andre Ethier for Milton Bradley
21 Tigers (19) Workhorse Verlander tells Leyland he’s willing to try one-man rotation
22 Marlins (22) Seriously, how can Marlins be expected to score runs after Tom and Katie split?
23 Phillies (21) Seriously, how can Cliff Lee be expected to win after Erin Andrews leaves ESPN?
24 Brewers (23) Seriously, how can Brewers be expected to get outs after Ann Curry departs ‘Today’?
25 Astros (27) In separate ruling, Supreme Court says Halama Care is constitutional, too
26 Mariners (26) Mariners’ home hitting statistics come with a “NSFW” warning
27 Twins (25) Is Anthony Davis better draft pick than Byron Buxton? That’s a clown question, brow
28 Rockies (28) Colorado residents have much more to worry about than Rockies’ struggles
29 Padres (29) Padres have decided to model their ballpark dimensions after Williamsport
30 Cubs (30) Anthony Rizzo becomes 98th would-be savior of the Cubs
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