Last week's rankings in parentheses Team 1 Rays (4) Dodgers had Leo the Lip. Rays have Joe the Hipster 2 Rangers (1) No rebroadcasts or...

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Last week’s rankings in parentheses

1 Rays (4) Dodgers had Leo the Lip. Rays have Joe the Hipster
2 Rangers (1) No rebroadcasts or retransmissions without The Express’ written consent
3 Dodgers (3) Magic cuts parking fee, showing more McCourt vision than previous owner
4 Cardinals (2) Pujols, Pujols … Oh, yeah, he was that guy who used to hit like David Freese
5 Nationals (5) Heart of every Twins fan is warmed to see Steve Lombardozzi Jr. in Nats’ infield
6 Braves (7) As he hits his 40s, nickname of “Chipper” is becoming more ironic
7 Orioles (8) Wieters not just Mauer with Power this year. He’s Pudge with a Grudge
8 Blue Jays (9) Edwin (9 HR) seems to have had a re-Encarnacion as Jose Bautista
9 Yankees (6) David Robertson becomes the Gene Bartow of baseball
10 Indians (11) Derek Lowe last man standing in worst Mariners trade of them all
11 Tigers (10) Tigers built in image of Al Kaline: the man, the myth, the battery
12 Phillies (17) “The Scream” sells for $120 million; Manuel wonder what can get for “The Drawl”
13 Diamondbacks (13) Willie Ballgame has new fan base convinced he’s better than he really is
14 Giants (12) Sandoval breaks hamate again; Giants hope by ’13 he’ll have Brung New Handa
15 Mets (18) Who’d have guessed Frank Francisco would end up most seasoned closer in town?
16 Reds (21) A moment of appreciation for former Reds minor-leaguer Motorboat Jones
17 Rockies (16) Todd Helton no longer best ex-Tennessee QB in town
18 Red Sox (14) Stat-minded Red Sox introduce the VPR: Valentine Putdown Ratio
19 A’s (20) Bartolo Colon needs to market his home-platelet-rich plasma treatment
20 White Sox (15) Dunn showing that free-agent bust doesn’t have to be contract-lifetime sentence
21 Brewers (22) Taking page from Goodell, Selig fines Fielder for bounty on box of Krispy Kreme
22 Angels (24) If Weaver’s next start was vs. M’s, Johnny VanderMeer wouldn’t be resting easy
23 Marlins (23) Now Marlins fans upset at Guillen for saying he “respects” Heath Bell
24 Mariners (19) Mariners’ “Smoakamotive” mantra: We hope he can, we hope he can …
25 Pirates (25) The most exciting two minutes in sports: an Erik Bedard delivery
26 Astros (26) In honor of Clemens trial, Astros asking fans to misremember last four seasons
27 Cubs (27) Can’t wait for Class AA slugger Rebel Ridling to make it to majors
28 Padres (28) Padres are Venable, but not venerable; they’re Headley and Hundley but not hitterly
29 Royals (29) K.C. calls up Irving Falu, fulfilling MLB’s crying need for more Irvings
30 Twins (30) Where’s Jacque Jones when you really need him?
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