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Larry Stone’s power rankings
Last week’s rankings in parentheses
Rank Team Comment
1. Cardinals (2) Cardinals could have best midseson pickup in MLB: Chris Carpenter
2. Pirates (3) Pirates’ brilliant 20-year plan for contention is coming to fruition right on schedule
3. Red Sox (1) Red Sox trade “Sweet Caroline” to Mets for “Cracklin’ Rosie” and tune to be named
4. Rays (5) Joe Maddon so cool Elvis Costello wants to wear glasses like him
5. A’s (4) A’s live by simple credo: What Would Miguel Angel Jimenez do?
6. Rangers (9) Joe Nathan hit with sad realization he’ll never have better setup man than Mariano
7. Tigers (6) Don’t look for Tigers to bail out Detroit; they can’t save anything
8. Orioles (7) Their life’s mission seems to be to mock Seattle with thriving ex-Mariners
9. Reds (10) To boost speed, Reds might call up Billy Hamilton, or trade for Prince Fielder
10. Braves (8) Freeman beats Puig for Final Vote, but faces impeachment hearings
11. Indians (12) Danny Salazar surpasses Trevor Bauer as young phenom pitcher of choice
12. D’backs (13) D’Backs desperately needed power hitter, and struck Goldschmidt
13. Yankees (11) IIn moving tribute, A-Rod will trot out to empty field. Then Yanks will all go home.
14. Dodgers (14) Former Dodger outfielder Cecil Espy never won an ESPY, or a CECIL
15. Nationals (15) Harper has a lot of power, for a No. 9 hitter
16. Phillies (16) Phils voted team most likely to delude themselves that they’re contender
17. Rockies (20) Three All-Star starters doth not a playoff team make
18. Giants (21) Lincecum gets 1st UW no-hitter since defense tried to tackle Terrance Ganaway
19. Angels (17) Not that their pitchers struggling, but Angel scouts checking out Carly Rae Jepsen
20. Blue Jays (18) After Delabar, now every substitute teacher thinks they can make an All-Star team
21. Mets (23) After Harvey hits Cano, Yankee-Met rivalry about to get as heated as M’s-Padres
22. Royals (19) Where’s Brent Mayne when you really need him?
23. Mariners (24) McCartney plays at Safeco, M’s immediately trade him to contender for prospect
24. Cubs (22) Depending on when you read this, Garza either a short-time Cub or an ex-Cub
25. Padres (25) Only team to never have a no-hitter, unless you count the eight thrown against them
26. Twins (27) By July 31 in Minneapolis, there may be neau more Morneau
27. Brewers (28) Braun was going to be suspended, but form got lost in the refrigerator overnight
28. White Sox (26) Most popular White Sox: 1) Paul Konerko; 2) Hawk Harrelson; 3) Wilbur Wood
29. Marlins (29) Jose Fernandez easily one of three best 20-year-olds in majors
30. Astros (30) Shrewd Astros changed leagues just in time for World Series home-field advantage
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