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Larry Stone’s power rankings
Last week’s rankings in parentheses
Rank Team Comment
1. Cardinals (1) 49 years ago, Cards made best deadline deal ever to get Lou Brock
2. Rays (4) Wil Myers is just the kind of rising young slugger the Royals could use
3. Pirates (2) Still think McCutchen has an MVP run in him
4. Red Sox (3) Jose Contreras, 41, is in Pawtucket, could fill Tim Wakefield old-guy void
5. A’s (5) A’s abandon plans for Bartolo Colon statue; they just couldn’t get the hair right
6. Tigers (7) All Detroit fretting over news. No, not the bankruptcy; Miguel Cabrera’s hip
7. Reds (9) Homer Bailey seems to be taking the Philip Humber post-no hitter path
8. Orioles (8) Adam Jones and Chris Tillman: the Varitek and Lowe of a new generation
9. Braves (10) Gruesome Hudson injury is one replay I don’t care to watch again
10. Rangers (6) Rumors of Ranger interest in Michael Young. They just can’t quit him.
11. Indians (11) Indians still can’t believe they traded Brandon Phillips
12. Dodgers (14) Kershaw pitching like he doesn’t plan to give up his Cy Young Award
13. D’Backs (12) Eric Chavez is making the most of an injury-ravaged career
14. Yankees (13) Yankee fans get 2nd opinion on A-Rod: He’s selfish AND he’s phony
15. Royals (22) England welcomes a beloved royal named George? Been there, done that
16. Mariners (23) Best wishes to Eric Wedge for a full recovery and less stressful future
17. Angels (19) Trout’s ‘12 season really was a fluke. He’ll be much better the rest of his career
18. Rockies (17) All Rockies have to do is win 14 of their last 15, like in ‘07, and they’re in business
19. Nationals (15) Nats fire Rick Eckstein, who couldn’t teach Nats to be as scrappy as brother David
20. Phillies (16) Turns out new biography of Jamie Moyer was actually written by J.K. Rowling
21. Mets (21) By next year, Mets will be more compelling team than Yankees
22. Blue Jays (20) Lansing Lugnuts gear so popular Jays changing name to Toronto Hub Caps
23. Giants (18) Marco Scutaro was most impactful of all deadline pickups last year (.362, 44 RBI)
24. Cubs (24) Soriano tells reporters, “It’s a town full of losers, and I’m pulling out of here to win”
25. Twins (26) Joe Mauer will be focused on his Twins, and his twins
26. Padres (25) Where’s Joey Hamilton when you really need him?
27. Brewers (27) Braun clearly getting his PR advice from The Alex Rodriguez Agency
28. Marlins (29) Most teams seek offers that will knock their socks off, but Marlins already sockless
29. White Sox (28) To sound more intimidating, Casper Wells will now go by “Carlos Danger”
30. Astros (30) Astros tell teams, “Everything must go — and by everything, we mean Bud Norris”
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