Sideline Chatter

And you think stopping the high-scoring Broncos is tough?

Try keeping the celebratory fireworks primed for detonation at Mile High Stadium, where the Broncs have put up 49, 37, 52, 35 and 45 points in going 5-0 at home this season.

“With Peyton Manning now being part of this team, we load 70 points’ worth of product up there,” Scott Gray of Pyromix Pyrotechnics told Denver’s KDVR-TV. “We always say pyro is hurry up and wait, it’s move, move, move. Do a lot of work, then there’s a lot of down time sitting around.

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“But this year there’s been less down time than there’s been in years past.”

Buy ’em, Cowboy

Cowboys receiver Dez Bryant went to a Dallas Walmart to buy the new Sony PlayStation 4 — and before leaving he purchased one for several shoppers waiting in line, too.

In other words, he went the give-and-go route.

Cup check

Toronto mayor Rob Ford admitted he’s smoked crack cocaine while in office.

Which probably explains why hizzoner always keeps asking: “So when’s our Stanley Cup parade, again?”

Numb and number

From The Statistics Do Lie file comes the fact that Colorado dominated Washington in offensive yardage (124 to 40) and time of possession (12:24 to 2:36) in the third quarter of their game Nov. 9.

And got outscored 21-0.

News flash

Dateline New York: Jets outcoach and outplay other 31 teams on waiver wire, nab safety Ed Reed.

Gotta dash

This is what you call a closing run: Maryland’s basketball team, trailing Abilene Christian 44-38 with 14:12 to play Wednesday night, outscored the Wildcats 29-0 the rest of the way.

QB, or not QB

Opined Cam Hutchinson of the Saskatoon Express: “Anyone who thinks football is a team game hasn’t watched the Green Bay Packers play without Aaron Rodgers.”

Talko time

• Arizona Interscholastic Association executive Chuck Schmidt, to the Arizona Republic, after a coyote ran a portion of the state cross-country race: “I think he was looking for The Road Runner, but he was nowhere to be found.”

• Comedy writer Torben Rolfsen, after Mike Tyson said that during some of his big fights he was high on drugs: “Also, apparently, for visits to tattoo parlors.”

• The late tight end Todd Christensen, to the Salt Lake Tribune, not impressed with his reputation as an intellectual among the rough-and-tumble Raiders: “Being a smart football player is like being a great surfer in Alaska.”

All Kidding Aside Dept.

Jets cornerback Antonio Cromartie — who’s fathered 10 children with eight women — reveals in an upcoming book that he got a vasectomy “late in the 2011 season.”

Now that’s one clipping call that no one would argue with.

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