New York, it appears, has finally been cured of its Linsanity. Jeremy Lin, the toast of the Big Apple a year ago (think Tim Tebow in sneakers...

New York, it appears, has finally been cured of its Linsanity.

Jeremy Lin, the toast of the Big Apple a year ago (think Tim Tebow in sneakers), returns as a Houston Rocket to play his former Knicks team for the first time Monday night, but it’s barely raising an eyebrow.

“What he did (last season) was amazing. I mean, I was watching every game. He was hitting game-winners, he was doing all that,” Knicks guard Raymond Felton told AP. “But it’s time to move on. We’re 18-5, whatever the record is, we’re 10-0 at home, so no need to talk about that no more.”


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• At “Johnny Football remarkably the first from the famous Football family to win the Heisman.”

• At “Roger Goodell proposes eliminating ball from NFL.”

Take that, Prestone

Circus trainers in Russia say they saved two of their elephants — temporarily forced outside after their transport trailer caught fire — from the deadly Siberian cold by giving them 2 ½ gallons of watered-down vodka.

“This is news?” asked one veteran Packers fan.

News flash

Dateline New York: National Hockey League files class-action lawsuit, claiming the players they locked out aren’t playing fair trying to get back in.

No. 1 Bud

“Never thought I’d write this in mine or anyone else’s lifetime, but here it goes: Bud Selig is the No. 1 commissioner in professional sports,” wrote Steve Simmons of the Toronto Sun. “And with the decline of the retiring David Stern and the embarrassment Roger Goodell is becoming, it’s not even close.

“And we know who’s No. 4 on the list, and it ain’t Bobby Orr.”

Lion Under Oath Dept.

Sports quiz question from Steve Schrader of the Detroit Free Press: “Why is Ndamukong Suh fighting his traffic ticket in Lathrup Village?

“a) He just wants his day in court.

“b) He’s hoping to get Judge Tagliabue.”

Talko time

• Tigers outfielder Torii Hunter, via Twitter, after the Angels owner Arte Moreno refused to make him a $13.3 million qualifying offer — then signed Josh Hamilton for $25 million a year: “I was told money was tight, but I guess Arte had money hidden under a mattress.”

• Rangers manager Ron Washington, to AP, after the team traded Michael Young to the Phillies: “If there was crying in baseball, I guess I would cry.”

• ESPN’s Bonnie Bernstein, via Twitter, on the latest college conference shake-up: “Can’t imagine those seven Catholic schools consulted the church before divorcing the Big East. Just sayin’.”

• Janice Hough of, on Capital One Bowl Week running from Dec. 15 through Jan. 7: “And they wonder why many football players are bad at math.”

Rocky road

Long Beach State’s basketball team has a 3-6 record, including losses to North Carolina, Arizona, Syracuse and Ohio State.

What, the Miami Heat wasn’t available?

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