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Larry Stone’s power rankings
Last week’s rankings in parentheses
Rank Team Comment
1. Pirates (2) Looks like this is year the Curse of Sid Bream is finally lifted
2. Cardinals (1) Cards have unearthed new superstar, which is Yadier said than done
3. Red Sox (3) Who would have guessed the Red Sox would be the stable Boston team?
4. Rangers (9) Another All-Star berth awaits Beltre. His cup runneth over
5. A’s (7) Forget a youth movement; with Colon’s success, A’s going to a girth movement
6. Braves (6) Chipper Jones goes into Braves HOF, allowing him to practice his Cooperstown speech
7. Orioles (4) Dylan’s Tommy John worst outcome for a Bundy since Married With Children canceled
8. Reds (5) Where’s Kal Daniels when you really need him?
9. Tigers (8) Scherzer on pace to go 24-0, which might even make him the Tigers’ ace
10. D’backs (10) I’m calling it first: Paul Goldschmidt, HR Derby champ
11. Yankees (11) Cashman learns what M’s fans have known for years: Yelling at A-Rod is therapeutic
12. Rays (13) Wil Myers has potential to make Royals’ fans really, really sad
13. Indians (19) No snark: It’s a shame injuries robbed Grady Sizemore of a great career
14. Blue Jays (14) Best team in baseball, if you don’t count April or May or the Pirates
15. Nationals (18) Harper eager to get off DL and resume answering clown questions, bro
16. Padres (16) Undergoing a youth movement, except for Dick Enberg and Jerry Coleman in booth
17. Giants (12) Nothing makes a losing stretch better than looking at your 2 World Series rings
18. Rockies (17) Rockies hoping they don’t drop too low until they get Tulo back
19. Angels (22) “Bourjos and Trout, and every fly is an out”
20. Dodgers (25) Dodgers can’t wait until their phenom has children, so they can sign 3 little Puigs
21. Royals (15) With Pirates rise, KC prepared to assume mantel of longest woebegone franchise
22. Twins (21) Twins could be buyer, seller, or wait for Presidents Day bargains
23. Phillies (20) Phillies should trade Cliff Lee to Indians and let him start cycle all over again
24. White Sox (23) Can’t for the life of them figure out how Cubs managed to make losing so endearing
25. Mets (28) Mets went 50 years without no-hitter. Now Harvey looks capable of one every start
26. Mariners (24) Mariners anxious to get out of broiling Seattle and to a cooler place, like Texas
27. Cubs (27) Fed-up Cubs fans declare they’ll only let them be Lovable Losers for another 50 years
28. Brewers (26) Sad commentary when Selig looks longingly at ratings of Stanley Cup
29. Astros (29) Hard to be sellers at deadline when you already had your Going Out of Business sale
30. Marlins (30) Loria investigating whether he has any dignity left to sell off
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