AnnieLorlei Hoffman and Juliana de Cruz scored goals and the Eagles handed Gig Harbor only its second shutout this season.

GIG HARBOR — An undefeated season shriveled up in a minute’s span when Gig Harbor saw two Issaquah goals puncture the Narrows League champions’ state-title hopes.

The Tides had suffered just one shutout before their 2-0 loss to Issaquah Wednesday night in the first round of the Class 4A girls soccer playoffs, splitting a scoreless tie with Bellarmine Prep in October.

“We weren’t clicking offensively,” Gig Harbor coach Dani States said. “(Issaquah was) always a step ahead.”

The Eagles’ goals came through a notable offensive spark in the second half after a disorganized first half.

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“Defensively, they didn’t shut down our playmakers. We weren’t in sync,” States said.

“They have a lot of speed and work well together,” junior midfielder Celia Vaughn said of the Eagles. “They knocked it around us a lot and we’re just not used to that speed of play yet.”

Vaughn, a key cog in the Tides’ offense with three game-winning goals this season, broke the metacarpal bone in her right hand last Wednesday in a car accident and wore a forearm cast throughout the game, her first since the accident.

Vaughn fearlessly clashed in battles for headers and was knocked down twice on her cast side by Issaquah defenders.

The first half might have fallen into Issaquah’s favor if the game was determined by time of possession, yet a gauntlet of well-positioned Tides defenders kept the Eagles from threatening.

In the second half, Issaquah started to coordinate its attack and appeared a bit more responsive to spacing opportunities.

Midway through the second, midfielder Allie Bohnett was carded and Issaquah took advantage.

Sophomore Eagles midfielder AnnieLorlei Hoffman scored the first goal when a shifty possession allowed her to close in on Tides keeper Aubrey Lindberg.

Just over a minute later, Issaquah got opportunistic with a turnover and junior forward Juliana de Cruz notched the goal.