Nya J, the goddaughter of assistant coach Derrick Wheeler-Smith, recorded the song "So Sophisticated" for the team.

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TACOMA — So Sophisticated.

The slogan on Cleveland’s new warmup shirts says a lot about the girls basketball program, as well as the 11-year-old girl who co-wrote the lyrics of the song about the team.

She goes by Nya J and she’s a multitalented sixth-grader who can sing, rap, dance and act. She helped write the song “So Sophisticated” about the Cleveland team with her father.

Her full name is Nyasha Maraire and she’s the goddaughter of Derrick Wheeler-Smith, Cleveland’s assistant coach and husband of head coach Stephenie Wheeler-Smith. Derrick attended Franklin High School with Dumi Maraire, Nyasha’s father.

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Nya J said she likes watching the Eagles play.

“They’re so classy and sophisticated,” she said.

Which inspired the song, played before home games all season.

“It’s really a song about the team, the journey and each individual player,” Stephenie Wheeler-Smith said.

Here is an excerpt from the song:

“We in that full court press getting them frustrated/We don’t wait for contact we initiate it/May not like the way we roll, but yo it’s entertaining/I try to tell the whole city but I can’t explain it/The heart, the passion, desire of the Eagle Nation.”

Free downloads of the song will be available soon on Nya J’s website: ThisIsNyaJ.com.

Dome not friendly to Glacier Peak

Twice Glacier Peak has reached the quarterfinals at the Tacoma Dome over the past three years, since the tournament was slimmed down to a Final Eight format.

Twice the Grizzlies have gone home 0-2.

They were hoping to get over the hump Friday against University of Spokane Valley, but came up short, 49-44. The 2011 team also lost two straight. Coach Brian Hill hopes they’ll get another shot next season as they should return several key players.

“We lose four good players, but we’ve got a staple of good players returning,” he said. “Hopefully they’ll want to come back next year and the year after and make the experience better.”

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