Peter Edwards is a 200-grand grandpa.

And all because, 15 years ago, he had the prescience to place an $80 bet — at 2,500-to-1 odds — that his 18-month-old grandson would one day play for the Welsh national soccer team. Edwards became $200,000 richer on Tuesday when Harry Wilson, 16, made his international debut as an 87th-minute sub against Belgium.

“I’ve retired one year early,” Edwards, 62, told BBC News. “Not bad for a daft bet.”

Naked bootleg?

Oklahoma suspended Trey Metoyer from the football team after the sophomore receiver was charged with two felony counts of indecent exposure.

Or as Sooners apologists tried to spin it, a busted coverage.


• At “If you had ‘day one of practice’ in the Greg Oden injury pool, you win.”

• At “Asked about Irsay comments, Manning passes.”

Coffin corner

And from the Truth Is Stranger Than Fiction file comes word that a Kroger spokesman in Houston issued an apology after a tombstone in a Halloween store display had “R.I.P. Matt Schaub’s arm, 2011-2012” written on it.

It’s Steel curtains

Steelers coach Mike Tomlin, on the heels of his team’s 0-4 start, banned all games — such as table tennis and billiards — from the locker room.

“But what about the Madden NFL video game?” wondered Eric Kolenich of the Richmond (Va.) Times-Dispatch. “That could be considered an educational resource.”

The write stuff

• CBS’s David Letterman, on how bad it’s gotten for the NFL’s 0-6 Giants: “Archie Manning, the father of Eli and Peyton, held a press conference earlier today and announced Eli was actually the son of Frank Sinatra.”

• Brad Dickson of the Omaha (Neb.) World-Herald, on Texans fans showing up at QB Matt Schaub’s house to harass him: “You know your season is off to a bad start when you take out the garbage and get sacked.”

• RJ Currie of, on AL finalists Boston and Detroit leading the majors this season with a combined 3,191 hits: “They’ve put more men in scoring position than Paris Hilton.”

• Len Berman of, after tennis star Caroline Wozniacki denied reports that she and golfer Rory McIlroy have broken up: “Thank goodness. Now we can go back to worrying about the debt ceiling.”

Penalty on the play

Former NFL wide receiver Irving Fryar has been indicted in a mortgage scam.

In other words, prosecutors say, he was taking it from the house.

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