The best switch-hitter in baseball history? Jim Kaat — if you’re talking golf.

The ex-pitcher, 75, recently shot his age both ways — a 75 playing right-handed and a 70 left-handed — while playing two rounds simultaneously at the McArthur Golf Club course near his home in Stuart, Fla.

“Golf Digest couldn’t find anybody who’s ever done that,” Kaat told the St. Paul Pioneer Press. “That’s probably because nobody’s ever tried it.”

(The lefty Kaat first learned to play right-handed, he said, because those were the only clubs he had at the time.)

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NFL headlines

• At “Peyton Manning presented with key to the city by Omaha’s mayor.”

• At “Who Dat? Seattle Dat, apparently.”

That’s the ticket

The Seahawks refused to sell NFC title-game tickets to persons with California addresses?

Now comes the hard part: Keeping those relentless Californians out of the end zone.

Sports quiz

“Battered Bastards of Baseball” is a documentary about the:

a) 1973-77 Portland Mavericks

b) 1909-whenever Chicago Cubs

News flash

This just in: A-Rod suing 469 pitchers for striking him out.


“When Russell Wilson played against Drew Brees on Saturday,” noted Steve Simmons of the Toronto Sun, “it marked the first time two quarterbacks under 6 feet met in a playoff game since 1978. That year, Pat Haden’s Los Angeles Rams defeated Fran Tarkenton’s Minnesota Vikings.”

Card tricks

From Steve Schrader of the Detroit Free Press: “Who coaches Louisville?

“a) You say Pitino.

“b) I say Petrino.

“c) Pitino, Petrino, Pitino, Petrino — let’s call the whole thing Ricky Bobby.”

Hawk goes marching in

After Seahawks RB Marshawn Lynch ran roughshod for 140 yards last Saturday, guess you could say the Saints got Beast-Mowed.

Needling A-Rod

“Never doubt the power of prayers by comedians,” noted Argus Hamilton. “I used to ask God that someday I’d make as much money as Alex Rodriguez, and today that dream came true.”

Quote marks

• Rick Reilly of, after the Broncos’ Peyton Manning threw for an NFL-record 55 TDs this season: “(That) record might last longer than landfill Styrofoam.”

• Greg Cote of The Miami Herald, with the Sports Name of the Week Challenge: “Today, Thai golfer Pornanong Phatlum takes on Swiss bobsledder Beat Hefti.”

• Chris Chase of, on the polarizing Seahawks and 49ers playing for the NFC championship: “Live from Seattle, it’s the Insuffera-Bowl.”

• Rangers pitcher Derek Holland, to The Dallas Morning News, after tearing knee cartilage when his dog tripped him: “I yelled at him, but I didn’t put him on waivers.”

Dog daze of winter

Jinxed? Well, the name of Holland’s injury-inducing dog is Wrigley.

Might as well go all in and trade Wrigley for a goat.

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