Sometimes, the TV camera doesn't know the whole truth

Propriety 1, Kiss Cam 0.

A woman and her male companion looked the other way at a recent Clippers game when the infamous kiss camera flashed their images on the Staples Center video screen, in hopes of provoking a response.

“The crowd hooted and hollered for the two to overcome their shyness,” wrote Steve Harvey of “Finally, she mouthed the words: ‘It’s my brother.’

“The crowd gave the couple a pass.”

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NFL headlines

• At “All 32 NFL teams eagerly lining up for chance to sign Randy Moss, reports Randy Moss.” “Mike Shanahan says RG III could start today.”

Yankee clippered

Yankees GM Brian Cashman has been ordered to pay more than $1 million a year in alimony and child support. Even worse, he’s still stuck with full custody of A-Rod.

Flying Tiger Dept.

Injured skier Lindsey Vonn flew home from Austria on Tiger Woods’ private jet, only intensifying conjecture about their relationship.

“Can you just imagine the wall-to-wall coverage by NBC if Tiger travels to Sochi, Russia, next year to cheer Vonn on in the Winter Olympics?” wrote Houston Mitchell of the L.A. Times. “ESPN would have to start a new channel just to cover that.”

One for the show

Gotta love Canadian football. Where else can you discuss scoring efficiency inside the rouge zone?

Matriculating early

Kentucky forward Nerlens Noel has been declared out for the season after tearing his left ACL.

Or as one-and-done Wildcats prefer to call it, college-career-ending.

Talko time

• Mike Bianchi of the Orlando (Fla.) Sentinel, on NASCAR lovebirds Ricky Stenhouse and Danica Patrick: “In true racin’ fashion, I’m thinking Stenhouse got Danica a heart-shaped box of chocolate-covered lug nuts for Valentine’s Day or maybe a dozen long-stemmed socket wrenches.”

• NBC’s Jay Leno, on what the Lakers gave up for Lent: “The playoffs.”

• RJ Currie of, on Bears QB Jay Cutler mailing fiancée Kristin Cavallari her engagement diamond: “Probably just as well; Jay’s unfamiliar with delivering rings.”

Blazing fastball

A 150-foot asteroid passed within 17,000 miles of Earth last week.

Or to hear Bob Uecker call it, just a bit outside.

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