So what's next — a Hostess CBI bracket with cupcakes the No. 1 seed?

So what’s next — a Hostess CBI bracket with cupcakes the No. 1 seed?

International House of Pancakes, stealing a page from the NCAA tournament, has rolled out its “Breakfast Bracketology” on Facebook, with such traditional mouth-watering matchups as omelettes vs. pancakes.

News flash

Dateline New York: The Knicks, trying to move on from the Linsanity craze surrounding Jeremy Lin, have traded Carmelo Anthony back to Denver for shooting guard Tim Tebow.

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Strike down the band

Northern Illinois linebacker Jamaal Bass has been indicted for felonious assault for knocking down a member of Toledo’s band as he ran onto the field last November.

Somewhere there’s a trombone player from the 1982 Stanford band saying: “You can get charged for doing that?”


• At “State of Ohio to form nation’s top basketball conference.”

• At “Peyton Manning re-injures neck saying no to Titans.”

Knight schooled

Bob Knight despises Kentucky coach John Calipari so much that he refers to Calipari’s squad as “that team from the SEC” during his ESPN segments. Got a problem with that?

“When you watch Kentucky play on CBS this weekend,” wrote Chris Chase of, “Calipari’s vacated titles and shady recruiting practices will be glossed over. That’s a far more egregious journalistic sin.”

Talking the talk

• Budd Bailey of the Buffalo (N.Y.) News, after Kansas football coach Charlie Weis says people only think of him as “some arrogant, obnoxious, loudmouth punk from New Jersey”: “Not so, Charlie — we didn’t know you were from New Jersey.”

• Syracuse coach Jim Boeheim, to reporters at the East Regional, when asked about his team’s us-against-the-world mentality: “I don’t think it’s the whole world. Three-quarters, maybe. I think there are some people in China that aren’t upset with us.”

• NBC’s Jay Leno, on Tim Tebow’s playing prospects now that Peyton Manning has landed in Denver: “There’s no telling where he’ll end up — you know, like one of his passes.”

• North Carolina State guard Scott Wood, to, on Selection Sunday: “We were the last team picked. I definitely had to wash my drawers when I got home.”

He can fill a diaper

A woman from Vista, Calif., gave birth to a 13-pound, 14-ounce boy last week.

Mel Kiper Jr., alert as ever, immediately declared him the best line prospect in the 2034 NFL draft.

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