This contract wasn’t worth the paper it was printed on — in a good way.

Babe Ruth’s 1918 paperwork with the Boston Red Sox, which called for him to get paid $5,000, was sold in an auction Saturday night.

For $1.02 million.


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Driver Joey Logano ripped 72-year-old counterpart Morgan Shepherd after Sunday’s Camping World RV Sales 301 for:

a) Riding him into the wall.

b) Driving 138 laps with his left blinker on.

Stressing out

Miami came in seventh in CNN Money’s rankings of America’s most stressed cities — and that was BEFORE LeBron blew town.

(FYI, Seattle: Robinson Cano traded in No. 1 for No. 42, not to mention $240 million.)

Poe, as in police

Cornerback Jimmy Smith, charged with misdemeanor disorderly conduct during a bar incident, became the fifth Baltimore player arrested this offseason.

Quoth the Ravens: Any more?

Party like it’s 1970

No. 1 song among melancholy Miami Heat fans? “Gimme Dat Deng.”

High, hard one

Alex Rodriguez’s lawyers filed suit to recover $380,000 in unpaid legal bills.

That’s what you call a payoff pitch.

Ice-cold reality

“Some say that LeBron James will regret choosing Cleveland over South Beach,” wrote Brad Dickson of the Omaha (Neb.) World-Herald. “My money is on sometime in mid-January.”

Pass the belly putter

Sarah Whisonant registered her first hole-in-one at La Vista Falls in Omaha, Neb. — while playing 8½ months pregnant.

Water hazard? No kidding.

Relish the date

So, hot-dog eating champ Joey Chestnut is about to be married?

Our condiments to the bride.


The Royal Dutch Mint is producing a coin immortalizing Robin van Persie’s goal on a diving header in the Netherlands’ World Cup opener against Spain.

Any honors for Brazil’s squad, after 7-1 and 3-0 losses, will be in the form of folding money.

Kits by Speedo

If you enjoyed watching World Cup players doing their thing in Brazil, you’ll absolutely love the 2016 Olympics there.

“Of course,” noted blogger TC Chong, “they will then be representing their countries in men’s diving.”

Talking the talk

• Kirk Kenney of the San Diego Union-Tribune, on the fact he can’t wait to see on the back of Topps’ Dr. James Andrews baseball card: “How many times he’s led the nation in Tommy John surgeries.”

• Eskimos D-lineman Odell Willis, to the Edmonton Sun, vowing not to change his style after the CFL fined him for a high QB hit: “I mean, if that was my momma throwing the ball, I’d hit her the same way.”

• Comedy writer Alan Ray, on the World Cup celebration in Germany: “It was so noisy in Berlin, the CIA could barely hear to eavesdrop.”

• NBC’s Seth Meyers, recapping the big weekend in sports: “LeBron went back to being a Cavalier, Carmelo went back to being a Knick, and soccer went back to being a thing you drive your kids to.”

Cuyahoga trifecta

Don’t look now, but media darlings LeBron James (Cavaliers) and Johnny Manziel (Browns) are taking their talents to Cleveland.

A-Rod to the Indians, anyone?

Dwight Perry: 206-464-8250 or