Remember the Bud Bowl? Ron Kantowski of the Las Vegas Review-Journal, tongue in cheek, tracked down The Freezer, one of the beers that starred...

Remember the Bud Bowl?

Ron Kantowski of the Las Vegas Review-Journal, tongue in cheek, tracked down The Freezer, one of the beers that starred in those now-defunct Super Bowl spoof ads from 1989 to 1997.

“The biggest, baddest bottle on the planet — 40 ounces of mayhem and a twist top — lives mostly off royalties from ‘The Super Beer Shuffle’ and income from sports-memorabilia shows,” Kantowski reported. “The Freezer has gained weight. He looks to be at least 55 ounces. Bigger than a dorm-room pony keg.

“The Freezer says it could be worse. Much worse. Despite repeated hits to the bottle cap, he got out of the cooler with his carbonation intact.”

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Almost perfect

Only thing that marred Saturday’s story line when Indiana met Michigan to decide college basketball’s No. 1 ranking:

Wolverines coach John Beilein isn’t married to a Harbaugh sister.

Naming rites

Attention, Red Sox: You might want to get in on this, too.

Mississippi, Nebraska and North Carolina are hot on the trail of this high-school baseball recruit from Boca Raton, Fla.: junior second baseman Fenway Parks.

It’s just too bad Dick Pole never had a son named Pesky.

It only takes one

“Oprah? Katie Couric? Bob Costas?” mused Bob Molinaro of the Norfolk Virginian-Pilot.

“Just wondering who Alex Rodriguez might want to select for his eventual interview and/or confession.”

See? There’s hope

Chin up, Washington Generals fans: The California Institute of Technology ended its 228-game baseball losing streak Saturday with a 9-7 victory over Pacifica.

The Beavers hadn’t won a game since Feb. 15, 2003.

Hoofing it

“By the way, I tried some of that deer-antler spray the other day,” wrote Mike Bianchi of the Orlando (Fla.) Sentinel.

“It didn’t make me feel any better, but at night I got these uncontrollable urges to run out of the woods and dart in front of cars.”

Talking the talk

• Jim Barach of WCHS-TV in Charleston, W.Va., on this year’s 24 Hours of Daytona race featuring a Mazda that ran on biofuel made from chicken guts, pork lard and beef tallow: “Or as NASCAR fans call that, Sunday dinner.”

• Greg Cote of the Miami Herald, with a Super Bowl exclusive: “Ray Lewis has changed his mind about retiring, and the Harbaughs aren’t really related.”

• Comedy writer Alex Kaseberg, on the fog-delayed Farmer’s Insurance Open in San Diego: “It was so foggy, Tiger Woods accidentally hit on his ex-wife.”

Forget DisneyWorld

The folks at Jell-O say they will hand out thousands of free cups of their colorful dessert Tuesday in the city of the losing Super Bowl team.

Fans will get their choice of flavors — lime, orange or sour grape.

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