Putt-Putt Golf will celebrate its 60th anniversary this summer.

Just to show it’s keeping up with the times, the clown’s mouth on the 18th hole will be Donald Sterling’s.


• At SportsPickle.com: “Harbaugh applauds 49ers’ renewed commitment to offseason ‘Not Getting Arrested’ program.”

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• At TheOnion.com: “Jerry Jones not ruling out someday trading way too much for Johnny Manziel.”

$25,000 clipping

The NBA has fined Clippers coach Doc Rivers $25,000 for criticizing the referees’ calls in Game 5 against the Thunder.

On the plus side, the league gave him $50,000 back for ripping his team’s owner.

Cowboying up

The NCAA docked Oklahoma State’s football team one practice a week because the OSU players’ Academic Progress Rate dropped below the minimum standard.

But Cowboys coach Mike Gundy, to his credit, somehow resisted the urge to respond, “I’m a man! I’m 46! I can take it!”

Get in line, Kyle

New York reliever Kyle Farnsworth, angered when he was jettisoned in a cost-cutting move, says he can’t wait to join another team and pitch against the sputtering Mets.

You and about 300 other big-league hurlers, pal.

Lots of Johns

Baseball commissioner Bud Selig says he’s concerned by the recent spate of Tommy John surgeries — 34 in the last three months alone.

In other words, Dr. James Andrews’ office could suddenly use a little more elbow room.

Good icing call

Where do hard-core Russian hockey fans get the ice for their vodka to drown their Olympic sorrows?

The Crimea River.

Marathon man

Rochester (Wash.) High School’s Dylan Fosnacht threw 194 pitches in 14-plus innings in his team’s 1-0, 17-inning playoff win over La Center — and says he has no regrets about possibly overtaxing his arm.

Especially when that McCormick’s Meat Tenderizer endorsement comes in.

Welcome to Wally World

White Sox slugger Jose Abreu became just the fourth rookie in MLB history to hit 15 home runs in his first 42 games.

What are the odds that two of the other three would be named Wally (Berger and Joyner)?

Talking the talk

• NBC’s Jimmy Fallon, after the Cubs became the third team in MLB history to amass 10,000 losses: “The poor Cubs. They can’t even win a losing contest.”

• CBS’s David Letterman, with the latest New York City weather report: “It’s 81 and cloudy, just like Donald Sterling.”

• Comedy writer Alex Kaseberg, on Noah ranking as the most popular boys name in the U.S.: “The least popular boys name? Donald Sterling Putin.”

Sign, Forrest, sign

Former West Virginia QB Pat White says an Alabama booster offered him a Corvette in 2004 if he’d play football for the Tide.

So what’s next — Forrest Gump claiming he once succumbed to a box of chocolates?

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