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You knew Seahawks Fever had reached a certain … crescendo when the cast of the Seattle Opera’s production of “Rigoletto” appeared for curtain call Saturday night wearing team jerseys over their costumes.

Seems that mezzo-sopranos, movie stars, restaurant magnates, music people and theater folks are all crammed in the stands together when it comes to this Super Bowl.

I checked in with some of them to see where they would be for the big game.

Being funny and famous has its perks: Witness Mercer Island native
Joel McHale, who will be at the game in East Rutherford, N.J., gorging on sushi and Dixie’s barbecue.

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“I have a friend at Xbox who is taking my wife and me,” McHale said from his home in Los Angeles, where he stars on “Community” (“Thursday nights on NBC,” he reminded me more than once), as well as “The Soup” on the E! network. He’s also working on the indie comedy “Brother’s Keeper” for director Ross Katz.

Is he taking his two kids?

“Are you kidding me? No! Why would you take your kid to the Super Bowl? It would be like taking them to Coachella. My kids would be sitting there, freezing their asses off.”

His prediction on the game: “The final score will be 4-to-2. Safeties all over the place.”

Come on, now. You wore Seahawks-themed briefs over your pants last week on “Ellen.”

“Hawks by 70.”

You can take the smart-ass out of Seattle …

And then there are the superstitious types.

U.S. Attorney Jenny Durkan— what, you think presidential appointees can’t talk smack like the rest of us? — has been wearing the same jeans and 12th Man jersey for every playoff game.

She may have to loosen her belt for the Super Bowl, though, since she has happily collected the “spoils of war” from her counterparts in New Orleans (gumbo) and San Francisco (Ghirardelli chocolate).

But she’s tired of reading about the “Mile-High Effect” that is supposed to give Denver an advantage for training at higher elevations.

(Durkan avoided the obvious Washington vs. Colorado weed joke. Smart move.)

“The only ‘Mile High’ factor that is relevant is Richard Sherman’s vertical leap,” she quipped, sounding like a seasoned sportscaster.

Bernadine Griffin, managing director of the 5th Avenue Theatre, and her husband, actor Sean G. Griffin
, also stick to what works.

They have had a Seahawks flag flying on the pole outside their Pike Place Market condo all season and watch every game with their neighbor Jean Gardner, who tries out a new recipe every week.

And because they’re superstitious, they, too, each wear the same outfit every week.

“We introduced official Seahawks pompoms into the equation about three weeks ago,” Bernie said the other day.

Honey, whatever works.

Ah, but those who will be in town for the game are doing it big — and loud.

Singer/songwriter Star Anna(her latest album is called “Go to Hell,”) will be watching with her boyfriend, “Sleeping with Siri” star Michael Stusser, who is presumably skipping his “Tech Timeout” for the day.

“I’m mostly excited about the snacks,” said Star, “and the fact that it’s acceptable to scream at the TV.”

It sounds like a similar kind of crazy will go on at Margaret Larson’s house. She just doesn’t want any guests there to see it.

So the “New Day Northwest” host is keeping it to her husband, Tim, and their son, Kyle
, on Skype from his college in Philadelphia. But she will be tweeting with some football friends.

“Nobody likes a football party more than me,” Larson told me. “But the more important the game is, the fewer people I want to watch it with. Is that weird?”

Not at all. Nor is it that “the potential for adult beverages is high.”

Her prediction: Seahawks, 27-20.

Chef Tom Douglascouldn’t tell me where he would be on game day: That’s still up in the air.

If he’s in New York, he’ll do all he can to be at MetLife Stadium, seeing the action live.

If he’s in Seattle, he’ll be at Serious Pie on Westlake, eating kale salad, pizza and meatball-stuffed peppers and washing it all down with boilermakers — whiskey and “cheap beer.”

His prediction?

“Hawks by 7,” Douglas said, then laughed. “Now they’re guaranteed to lose.”

(Hey, hey, hey … enough of that).

Sub Pop Records co-founder Jonathan Ponemanwill be far from Seattle on game day — but here in spirit.

“Due to an accident in scheduling, I will be in Brooklyn when the Seahawks win the Super Bowl,” Poneman said, via email — covering my request for a prediction.

“Even though I will be close to the actual game on game day, I would prefer being in Seattle to celebrate with those for whom Seahawks football is a religion, and the 12th Man a righteous apostle.”

Amen to that. And hey: Go Hawks!

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