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The Capitol Hill Seattle Blog reported Sunday that those colorful blue bollards that were installed on Broadway a year and a half ago have been removed.

They looked like giant pasta noodles to me, and I appreciated their bright color. But they didn’t prove useful to separate the bike lanes from the cars. They came off alignment too easily, and after a while, they had to be braced down to the asphalt. That didn’t seem to work either.

It’s too bad, because the city could use more eye-catching urban furniture. But a visually pleasing design that is not functional is unacceptable.

I remember making this sketch while having a sandwich at the Panera Bread across from Seattle Central College. A guy was comfortably sitting on one of the bollards and checking his smart phone. I didn’t date the sketch, which rarely happens, but my guess is that it was the summer of 2014, soon after the bike lane was lined with the artful barricade of bollards.

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